Scenario Editor: Updates/Fixes/Requests

Ok i know there have been topics like this before but hopefullly we can consolidate and organize up to date requests, needed fixes, and thoughts on recent fixes in one spot that will be pinned so maybe its easier for devs to see what ppl are talking about atm.

OK firstly, the terrain painting/layering was totally laggy and extrmemely slow on the largest maps(almost unusable at least for me) but this new update has fixed that and it is TREMENDOUSLY better and the devs have my eternal thanks as I am currently working on a lud size map and the terrain was suffering the most just because it was so slow. I believe they also said elevation is faster.

So, what other issues do you guys have that have always plagued you or would like to see fixed or just generally have ideas questions thoughts about?

First thing ive noticed is that now it seems like waterfalls are no longer selectable or movable after theyve been placed. i think this is new and before i did notice at times they could get stuck behind cliffs and would become no longer selectable because of the clipping. Dont change the cliffs because now you can selelect and rotate cliffs to create and sculpt specialized passable impassible type stuff that is very functional.

not sure what exactly my point is about waterfalls, just something i noticed.,44739,,30

Ah, you know what, there is already a thread on this forum, under the discussion tab though. That’s why I didn’t find it.