Sea builder and structures

maybe the devs can eventually finish up sea gate construction animation. id rather not spend the time and do a half ■■■ job.


The last three posts of yours have all been just show offs, when are you creating a serious mod? You do have the potential.

show off is good, show off life best

the mod is already created, just not updated yet.

that’s your choice no problem. just asking if you have plans/ideas on creating a major modding project?

I’d like to think my mod is major. I dont think people would like to think themselves as insignificant. people might define major mod differently and this game has restriction to really make it go big which sucks.

the mod thread is this. the next update will probably be tomorrow or the day after depending on the techtree/hotkey addition

little replayability value

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yep, anything is better than 0

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Amazing. I thought about this concept earlier too. Super excited to see an actual implementation.

This would make water maps a lot more interesting. A proposal to the official @GMEvangelos @Cysion


Walling makes land maps more boring, so why would walling on water make water maps not more boring?

Sea walls can be fun if they are designed to be countered by some type of galley. Even without adding more galley units, sea walls can have higher cost and worse stats and building time than land walls to balance them.

The problem of sea game play is the lack of unit types, so adding the walls could solve this problem

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I am always hoping this stuff to be implemented in the base game. Water combat feels so dull to me at the moment, it really lacks the variety and the strategic options of land combat.

I would love to see structures on water. Walls and towers (which can only be built on shallow water) could help civs with a weaker start to get to their unique units, like for portoguese. Of course, proper counter units are required for walls and towers. Perhaps a new ship type? One can dream…

I personally would also love if there was some kind of dropoff structure for fishing ships which could be built. It would make late game fishing more viable.

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Other problem is that every ship is produced in the same building: eco ships, military ships and UU ships. I dont know if adding one more dock type building for specificic ships would help the sea gameplay or not.

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tell that to the arena players :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be the wisest choice. It would be better to have an “advanced” dock for more specialized units.

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That military dock could cost stone or gold, to avoid spamming, should new ships be poweful.

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Yeah, even just making it very wood expensive would already do the trick, most likely. Would love to see this happening in the base game!

Possible “advanced ships” ideas without derious thinking:

  • Ram ship (affected by siege engineers)
  • Monk ship (affected by monastery. It converts and can garrison relics just as monastery)
  • Pirate ship (melee ship. Affected by melee upgrades. Resists conversion. It gens gold like keshiks)
  • Trash ship (no gold cost)
  • Repair ship (it can repair ships. Maybe it should be the one that builds the sea walls and towers)
  • Queen ship (an aquatic fortress, low range, low mobile, garrisoned units can fire)

Most of these ships doesnt counter the classic ones, so maybe they dont add anything interesting to water balance.


most of these are doable actually with the current AGE3. only problem with modding is theres no graphics for them. I guess if people willing to put up with somewhat crappy graphics vs what we’ve got in DE they can be added in, as a mod.

other ideas would be sea farm, dead ships corpse can be salvaged for it’s remaining wood etc.