Self explanatory images to solve the problem of india infantry training time and their almost useless artillery... in treaty and long games

como eu disse no post algumas podem ser descartadas mais a questão do treinamento e a mudança dos elefantes de certo e essencial !
o arsenal e igreja fica pra segundo plano o que acho mais engraçado que o Japão tem essas tecnologias e mesmo sem usar suas unidades são boas

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The ‘green coats’ card could do another function, and give the option of an arsenal with the upgrade of anti-infantry rifles so that it affects all units of this type and not just the Gurkha.

The zamburaks need 2 more range points, just like Howdah, since their counterpart from Ethiopia can reach 18. (I think)

if its for treaty, then I haev suggested to buff the Ele pop reduction card such that all ele have 5 pop, should be more than enough to make them strong.

For the consulate idea, I say just add mosque for Otto and that is enough for train time.

India doesn’t really need an arsenal


yeah giving them an arsenal is WAY overboard.

people are seriously undervaluing india anyhow, not an india player myself but seeing floko play them is scary, he just pour so many units in.


The Asian dynasties was a bad expansion pack from the start.
Asian civs were broken from the start, consulates were supposed be there to ‘fix’ them.

But now we’ve gotten used to the brokenness.

Now we’ve got African royals and that was much better implemented, Asian civs should be a little like African civs.

Export should be something you put effort into…not a by-product of normal resource gathering. Units from foreign consulates should be just the same as japanese isolationism. As an example as an indian player I don’t want to spent my precious export on redcoats just to get ONE falconet, I’ve already got sepoys.


They can be given an armory, but by reducing their base stats a bit, as I explain on my forums.

For the zamburak:
- The Indian zamburaks: I wish they had more range, as much as a dragon with the improved arsenal. (You could add a point of scope as you get older.) If necessary they could reduce their life or their attack a little in case they are too strong. Anti-cavalry elephants are very strong and have a good range, but they are very slow and with a low cadence, therefore not very versatile, although I think they could also have a little more range. Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

For the sepoy:
Also reduce sepoys base mele damage by 20%, as they would have access to the socket bayonet upgrade. Improving the viability of Indian wonders for treaty mode or extended play

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since you pinged me, well, I disagree with everything in the top post. Arsenal would be absurd for india. no. not without a bunch of unnecessary changes to accompany it.


man need for camels and artilhary more 2+ for zaburarks more 10% hp for sowar

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ok man

The armory is necessary because it affects a wide range of units and not just your own units, such as mersenaries or natives. The base stats of units can be reduced accordingly as explained above. If they never have an arsenal, at least give them this:

Aztecs and Incas could benefit as well.


sim seria bom, mais o problema e o mapa onde não tem esse nativos

The same European ally will provide the same content for different Asian civilizations, which means that the Portuguese ally of the Indians must be the same as the Portuguese ally of the Japanese, so I can’t agree on the way to add new buildings to the existing European allies.

If you want the Indians to get an arsenal or a church, it still makes the most sense to make it available to the Dutch ally. Even having 5 options of allies will not be out of balance as long as the Indians are still limited to a cumulative choice of up to 4 allies.

Once the player has selected 4 different allies, that remaining option will be permanently unavailable. Even if the player chooses to End Relations, he/she can only choose a new ally among the allies he/she has selected before. This way even opens up potential possibilities for U.S. ally of the Chinese and Japanese.

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yeah but an arsenal is a wide buff, so you are also give 10% more hp to mahouts, +2 range for howdahs. if we need a buff to those units we can do it else where

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I would bet that a Swedish ally would simply be added to the consulate.

where you can research infantry faster creation technology by 20%.

Research to improve the speed of infantry by 10%

Research that enables the creation of improved rate-of-fire falconets in castles.

Consulate Bonus is 5% faster creation of land units and buildings.

If possible just allow this ally to be enabled in treaty mode

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No, the arsenal is too much.
i think the easiest solution is to allow export shipments at the trading posts, similar to the influence ones. This will allow spamming cannons easier but not too much easier in late game.

All these changes are too OP and change the civ too much, for supremacy and TR>

Will make Siege ele do everything and have no real down sides. (other than just not being really good at anything, 210 dmg is not enough to 1 shot most units)

India should not get church, or arsenal. there is just too many good things in there. Cav would be instant training, arsenal would make make units really strong.

India needs slow training units. The only things that could be buffed are gurkas, plus 15% with the rogal green jackets card, and camels for a spammable weak unit. But its still not good to use camels in TR, but in a pinch might work in a bad situation.


Personally, I think giving India the ability to train specific units - maybe Gurkha, with Royal Green Jackets - in batches of 10 would be a great way to buff India without just giving them a bland training speed upgrade somewhere.
(Personally, I think Shivaji Tactics could be reworked into an India-only card and allow a few specific units to be trained in batches of 10. Maybe Sepoy, Rajput, and Sowar, while Royal Green jackets lets Gurkha and Zamburak to train in batches of 10.)

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They dont need more units per batch, they need faster batches (not needed of a great buff, just a little bit) cause they can spam buildings to train more units at a time.

About arsenal, well, they dont need a lot, maybe speed infantry boost and antinfantry rifle (removing the effect from royal jackets, this way they can buff natives and mercs).
If devs add an arsenal the most obviois way is moving it to portuguese, japan can ally with them too. Also remember that Dutch have an extra building in DE (And are thought to give economy buildings)

Other option is create special upgrades for them instead the europeans ones: maybe a buff to rajputs and sowars, that arent used a lot.

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I disagree. Their train times are fine, but giving them the ability to access larger batches would solve many of their problems. It would also avoid giving them a generic train speed buff. Part of India’s identity has always been its slower traininig units in conjunction with super high build speed of barracks and caravanserais. Higher batch amounts would assist them in both treaty and supremacy games and let them keep up with other civs who just flood-spam without turning into a flood-spam civ themselves.
Also, India fights in waves. They take two steps, lose a step, then take two more with their waves of units. Higher batches would allow the waves to continue at their current tempo without turning them into yet another spam-flood civ.

What’s the point in spawning batches of 10? You obtain the same value by building more production structures. Japan has it because it mainly affects the daymio and shogun, and Russia is just about the fantasy of the civ.