Separate TG rank queue and the elo from Duo and Solo

yes, it’s hardly to find a real balanced TG game in rank games now.

I have already raised out why it’s so unfair in TG before.

  1. Like you said, inflated elo, this is caused by smurf for what I observe.
  2. Secondly, duo queue vs solo queue, and we all know there are huge advantages of using discord playing the TG. It’s really really not a fair thing to do so.
  3. Thirdly, which is this thread trying to say, this matching system is really sxxked.

Yes I agree with those points I am a player that used be 2800 by Elo standards and I am finding it really tough after taking year break from game ( back a month on alternate account ) To get back to this Elo just cos it seems like the Elos are worse and more inflated than they were a year ago makes it hard to climb elo even with significant advantage. I sometimes play with a squad of all 2800s on discord and we can even go random civ and position and beat majority of randomers just cos of discord advantage it’s huge

The current TG ladder is still a mess, because of the inflated, which was part of the old calculation. As long as that is still present as part of the game, then match making pretty much suxs. There are still 2.5k players that just played a lot, but still are trash. If you got some of them in your team, while the enemy dont have those, then you are already guaranteed to loose that game. That doesnt even have to do anything with queueing solo vs queueing as premade.

Then there is another issue with match making systems in general: At the top and bottom the number of players begin to get scarse. As result the gaps in Elo between teams start to increase. This is also true for 1v1. If you look at the games of TheViper you sometimes see that he is matched against a 19xx or 20xx player. That is just the result of to few other players in the queue at that time. For team games this issue might be even bigger: You need 4 players. So if you have 4 top players on one side, then the game have to look for 4 other high rated players. Since there are few players in the top, you might end up with just some other players with a rating that is a little bit lower.

I think most issues will be mostly solved after a full reset of the ladder, now the devs finally fixed the inflated. They might have to make some other small adjustments (to prevent the smurfing to elo boost a main account) and team games would be much better.

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not sure how you define stomp. sometimes even one pro “stomps” another pro if u just look at 1 game even tho they are at the same level and if you have 4vs4 there is a decent chance, that one gets stomped.

Even tho i agree that the inflated Elo could play a role i think there are more reasons.

One is maybe that some people focus on certain maps more than others and therefore have an “advantage”. If you have a mappool of 9 maps its pretty likely that some players are better on different maps.

Another reason might be, that sometimes you just have a bad game. I dont think that you can play every game at the exact same level and at a certain level small mistakes can lead very fast to a stomp.

@StrayDog8037 i fully agree with ur example.This is indeed nonsense. Maybe i am just indeed lucky, or i play at a better time.

Did you just say that the equation thingy is fixed currently or its being fixed? Id love a ladder reset tbh. Also playing solo does make it harder to actually win more so than duos for example cos it’s that one player that’s in almost every game above 2500 that isn’t representative of their Elo will lose the game for their team if I queueing as a solo then I’ve 3 chances for this teamate whereas the majority of duos and triples going around don’t have as much chance of getting such a teamate and this further spikes their Elo above where it should be and punishes solo players more for not playing in a team

I would love the elo reset too.
If you look the screen cap I uploaded in my previous reply.
You can see that it wasnt only the infalted issue, but also the matching system is broken.
It’s not related to the player pool.

when the top 2 players are being in the duo queue, logically, they should blanced the remainig 6 players so that elo of both team should try to be balanced. But you can see that the system dont give a ■■■■.
They just put another top 2 solo players with the duo team so that 4 of these players’elo are much higher than the opposite.

I recommened you guys going to this link to view the teamgames history.
I just scrolled roughly, they won 7 out of the 8 games,
and everygame, the elo between the two teams are having quite a huge gap.

I refer to the following:

At least the fixed the inflated. So no new noobs will reach 2.5k on the TG ladder. But noobs that already have reached 2.5k are still 2.5k. The devs need to do something about this as well. If they would use time to solve the issue, they really need a lot of time. The most easy solution is to just reset the ladders as well. Then the real good TG players will only climb the ladder.

The solution isnt perfect either. It can be exploited as well, but you need smurfs to exploit the system. But at least it is better then the old system.

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I think its worse than the old system because of the smurfs. I think you underestimate how many players will abuse this system with smurfs. In 2vs2 ive already encountered some of these situations…i think its only a matter of time when this will be a big issue. Before they fix that Problem, a reset will do nothing.

DM is more disgusting
if you dont have enough pool, you should just cancel the DM, it’s just pointless to play the game like this.

Have you already read the news? DM will be replaced by EW in ranked. The reason to drop DM is the number of players (too low).

hey, I havent, what’s EW is ?
it’s good to know it’s finally moved out cause I never had a balanced team in DM at all.
I agreed to cancel that completely

Empire Wars.

Here is the announcement:

i raised out before but some dumbass or asshole just wont admit and keep taking advantages on their preteam matches.

  1. preteam shouldnt have more ban picks, it totally doenst make sense, they already have advantages

  2. separated the damn solo queue and preteam queue, it’s ridiculously unfair to play though match, it’s getting worse when you are playing in high elo matches.

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btw, I agree someone said about reset the elo. I would love to see a reset after this ridiculous elo system is improved.
The elo system right now is just so dumb. I saw a lot of 2500up players which their PVP elo mostly around 1300 even 1200.

I always preferred Arabia for my TG game, but I think I only got Arabia around 2 out of 10.
Do you guys knowing why? because the opponents are mostly preteam and the map is always favoured to their choice.

you want AOE 2 be a fair competitive game, improve the TG matching system, TG is just broken now I cant even get a single game which both sides are similar balanced.
Win or lost always identified before 30 mins.

WTF are you comparing apples to oranges, civ balance and TG macthing are totally different.


people keep talking civ balance but in fact there are more critical stuffs that they dont give a ■■■■ on this.
make sense to you?

finally I get an Arabia game, but where’s the balance?
it just obviously not even a balanced match up just watching by the avg elo.
and yes, 2P 4P are duo, and I watched 2P twich sometimes too, he’s super strong around 1900 pvp elo.
and yes, I just died before 20 mins.

and look at this preteam match history.
they got the map they want but how about the solo players?