Separate TG rank queue and the elo from Duo and Solo

this one looks okay to you?

hold on hold on, smurf! bingo
I am around 1600 pvp elo, for the time being he’s my near enemy, I can tell he’s around or above my elo.

tell me this sounds balance to you

and this one, which i posted yesterday.
I am so suprised people here think this is okay to them.

duo team + ridiculous matching

these are the losing games I played in these 2 days, I won a very very little.
I dont mind losing, few of the matches I just played badly or I think the opponents play well deserve the win games

but those i posted above, the result is already determinated, what’s the point of playing these ■■■■■■■■ games?

can someone justify me with reasons?

the bigger problem is the elo-difference, not teams vs solos or the maps

if you want to feel better, i can tell you that other people get even more unfair games than you :rofl:

hey bro, I am here not because trying to find any victims which are worse than me.

I want to voice out this, and make the people who had the same experience to voice out.
Clearly right now the developers dont give a ■■■■ on this unfairness and the flaws about the TG ranking.

and yes, the screen cap you are showing, it’s how unfairness about the preteam vs solo players.

they often even can have a higher avg elo advantages, what’s wrong with this elo matching.

complete incompetence from the developers

they are forcing players into lopsided games immediately instead of just waiting longer for fair ones

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while they allow people ALT F4 and making every queues longer.
that really sounds so stupid to me.

I would rather have a fair game even waiting a bit longer instead of wasting 20 to 30 mins to play these non-competitive games.

what I request strongly here is to sperate the solo and preteam queue.

you know what, we actually having the same experience in the same game.
avg elo, plus slam, people have a clear mind knows the result already before the game starts.

(2P 4P 6P are pre team players, I know them)

that game is 2589 vs 2870
300 elo difference (multiply by 4 = 1200 elo difference)

that game should never even happen. it has nothing to do with whether they get to ban more maps or formed a team ahead of time. they are 1200 elo higher, so it will never be fair

Yup, this is the case.

though you only agree the elo matching issue, what i want to point out those other unfairness causes on TG.

TBH, 4 x 2500 elo pre team players vs 4 x 2500 solo players, without considering other factors. , we all predict pre team players has higher win rate
and now, there are some factors even favoured to duo team based on this unfairness.

  1. map favoured and ban pick (some of the preteams they like to chose some new / weird / super random map because they know they have higher chances to win against solo players in those maps)
    and the current system always favoured on their choices, this is unfair.
  2. smurf

the advantage that pre-team players get should eventually get incorporated into their elo rating. if they are winning against 2500 players all the time, then they should climb to 2600 or 2700 or wherever they end up. eventually they will stop stomping and arrive at an appropriate rating. it won’t be perfect because they don’t always play together, but it’s not like they will win all the time

smurfing will make that more complicated, but as long as people are not cheating the system it’s not that bad. i don’t need every game to be 50-50, but i have no interest in playing games that are 100-0 or 0-100

the game can also make lots of improvements/modernizations to make teamwork better. every single other game has allied vision by default. if aoe2 adds that, it will reduce the gap between voicechat & non-voicechat
and when my teammate is advancing to the next age, i should be able to see that progress in the UI. small things like that will help a lot.

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I am not quite sure how big the players pool is right now (I doubt it is not very little cause I saw a lot of ongoing ranked games even in high elo)

what I preferr is just directly sperated the elo of solo and duo. This sounds perfect to me if the players pools are enough. (but this is only knew by the developers or some pages who keep the stat.

yes, there’s no possible to make 50 50 in everygame, but right now the situation is that I can rarely see a 50 / 50, maybe happens 1 or 2 our of ten of my games.

The biggest problem right now is the smurfs and the lag. Like for $20 you can make a new account and beat up on newbs and average skilled players for over 50 games and enjoy a 90% win rate before you are matched anywhere close to your true ELO. People do it because its cheap… 40cents a game, not even

does it have a change recently that need to have extra cost?

I tested 2 months ago with family share, it’s free

I never respect smurfs. I really dont see the point of smashing up the people who are much lower elo players.
People are just so sicked of feeling great by winning those games, to me, winning those games are just meaningless.

There’s no fun at all.


What’s up with all the threads about the same issue?

This is just a small sample of all the threads you have starting in the last months about this subject. You have made many more threads about this point. You are just spamming… Maybe some @moderators could merge all these threads to just one big thread?

Now about the issue itself:

If people only queue solo or only queue premade, then the current system will be fine. The only issue arise if people sometimes queue solo and other times queue as premade. Even then it wont really be a big issue.

What currently is an issue, it the mess of inflated elos. Premades that play that high are most likly good players that just teamed, while on you team as solo you most likely have some noobs with very much inflated elo, but still stuck. I really think most of the current issues with the TG balance are due to this issue. The devs are looking into this. Recently the made a fix to stop the inflation, but this new system is also exploitable, which some people do. Let the devs focus on that part of the elo system and fix those issues. Then they have to reset the ladder or something like that, as the easiest way to clean up their mess with the inflated elo. Afterwards these issues will be gone.

And about the match making:
2.5k is already top 5% of the players. There arent really much players with exactly the same elo. Matches with about 300 elo difference seem pretty reasonable, given how the MM system works.

Not sure why you multiple the number by 4. Elo is calculated by the average elo, so that is all that matters.

Not sure why you should pay for a second account. It is free by using family share. There are some limits on the number of accounts, but it is like 5 accounts for every 90 days. Something like that. It is enough to smurf for some people. I wish the devs takes smurfing much more seriously by just banning it. But yeah, smurfing is a real issue in this game. Not only for TGs, but also for 1v1s. I think that if it was paid to smurf, then people would smurf much less.

The lag is pretty much new to me. I have had lag in the past, but that seems to be fixed months again. The game itself runs pretty smooth. Also scrolling through the report a bug section i dont see major threads about lag. If you compare the lag of DE with HD or voobly, then DE is running much smoother.

hey, I really appreciate your effort of replying every threads in here.
The reason I keep posting it’s because I found that no one concerning the unfairness here.
I will make one thread and group out all the points of how riduculous of TG is and will reply on that one only.

Besides, 300 elo difference is a big issue because we are talking about each players having 300 difference gap with the opponents.
If you can make an example of a game with this huge difference and the weaker team can still win, but I bet you won’t be able to, it’s nearly zero chance to win such game.
So, what’s the point of playing this game for the lower elo team?
Also, this is a point I have already raised out, is about the team matching doesnt even trying to balance the elo at all, it’s not about the lower player pool in top tier.
I dont have enough data to prove, but I found that duo team (usually 2 or 3 duo preteam players), they have higher chance to get another high elo parner with them, I kind of suspect this is a bug or the flaw of the system.
I always found a perfect balance of elo if 8 players are all solo. However, there’s always ridiculous gap when having duo vs solo

I agreed the inflated elo is a biggest issue, but it doesnt mean that the other factors shouldnt even consider.
I have watched a lot of replays of my game, and to be honest, I think my win rate is kind of pretty low(I guess around 30%) when facing preteam players.
Sometimes my teammates are just fine, it’s just the unfairness about the map and the stragegy, and the way they do the micro through discord.

I think when we need to discuss about preteam or solo, first, we need to ask ourselves.
**If you play with a friend, with / without discord, does it matter a lot? **
If you play with a friend / or a stranger with same elo, does it matter a lot?

Few more questions, when you play Arabia, co-operate with 2 or 3 teammates using SC to kill villeages at the start, can you do it with solo team? I think I only saw this 1 or 2 times out of my hundreads of game. But I always do that when I am with my teammates in discord.

Another question, when you are microing your archers or SC in Arabia, do you think having discord communicate with teammates, even without market vision, will be much more convenient than just pinging the point? this affect much more when happening in high elo games.

Last , using some specific stragegy in some of the closed maps can have a very high win rate, that’s why you always can see some of the preteam they always prefer maps like black forest, arena, or some weird maps. Becuase they already planned to do weird things over there. And solo players does not have a effective ways to communicate with TG, it always happened like making the flank in a 1v2 situation and dead very early.

Also, the matches I posted above, are all the games happened in these 2 days,
almost over half of my games. (I didnt post the games I won, though I won very few only, and some lost games I think it’s a fair lost)
and most of these games, there are duo team in opposite
Dont you see the issue it’s not just about the inflated elo.

one more point, if some webpage has the record of those duo / preteam win rate.
we could see the real problem here.

They always win the solo players team, everytime I checked the opponents history,
they are always winning in a row,
The only losing game they had, usually because facing another duo/ pre team.
So does it really because of the inflated elo causing this?
I don’t believe every teamamtes i had are all having inflated elo causing the losing games.