Should we have more cards for this resource?

SO im talking about Export, The slow nad stagnant resource. And I was digging around it.

All 3 Asian civ villagers generate it while gathering any resource at rate of 0.03/sec, but IDK why fishing boats dont do that.

apart from that , unlike influence or any other resource, resource can only and only be gained with spending time and just 1 common card that gives 300 Export in age2.

I was thinking if there should be more means/accessebility to get it. Like more cards in next ages, or infinite cards or jsut any other mechanism to do so.

Alliances with natives.

Native Crafts: In addition to the current buffs, add an export X.XX trickle for each native village you control.

Also in the imperial age, the speed of delivery of shipments increases and these can reach the destinations of the metropolis.

I always use the consulate thing.
10% slower general gatherrates, but 60% more export.
With 60 vills it’s noticeable how fast it goes up

Perhaps a bi, but even so it’s more of a by-product.

Influence you put effort into it by building trade posts, mountain monastries, univesities and livestock. Then you get influence from the amount of work you put into it.

If you want to go heavy on mercenaries or natives with Africans you can do things increase your influence, you really can’t do that with export, you just get it…and you have to spend it inefficiently if you want cannons too since they come with escorts that you might not need like redcoats even though you have musketeers with sepoys it seems an awful waste to spend half of your export on units similar to what you already have.

Ive calculated it is not worth it to increase export and decrease regular gather rate. It is the best on 0%

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Does it give export trickle on native TP? Or just give a trickle no matter what so even if native TP is destroyed the trickle is still there?

Japan has no problems one of their wonders ship export on completion, also they have a really good card in age 4 , converting coin to 0.75x export. This is a crazy card because 1 export is worth 2 coin so super late game if Japan player save up like 100k coin he will get a huge amount of extra resource with this card, it also allow japan to spam hakamoto samurai which is the strongest land unit in game. This is not very relevant in 1v1 though. However in 1v1 they can use double export shipping card in age 3.

China and India has fewer export cards, so it is more difficult to obtain export. Maybe we can add cards like ship 500 export in age 3, 800 export in age 4 etc.

Tbh I don’t really want asian civs to have a lot of export. In that way they will be heavily using European units, and lose their identity. I want to see them using more of their own units, which cost food wood and coin.

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One drop for each native TP you control.

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Perhaps the TPs on the trade routes can be choosen to provide export rather than XP or other resources.
the amount may be less than the other options, like 60% of others.

However, export and consulate stuff should still only be a kind of assistance, shouldn’t need as much as African civs’ influence.


I mean, its funny that a trade cart brings stuff for you from far away only for you to export it far away.

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You can interpret it as: Here is a treaty port or intermediary point where export goods were brought from all over the empire to be sold to the rest of the world. For example, goods from China and Japan are shipped to Hong Kong or Singapore for sale to India and Europe.

Unlocking the export option for TPs on the routes could most likely require a card, such as the Trade Empire card.