Solution to make india more played in treaty

Add the Russian consulate or add factory to the Indians to have decent cannon access, cannon elephants are expensive and inefficients against infatery masses.

Add access to Dutch church at the consulate to access Infantry Training time, India in Treaty Unplayed because its infantry trains very slow, even with the fast training card 40% and very little against Europeans who train faster. another solution and to add the training card of 40 to 60% and move it to industrial age,1 Sepoy trains in 35 seconds without 40% card, with card trains in 20 seconds this and an eternity in a Treaty game, a musk trains in 30 seconds without the training card and updating of the Church, with updates count 65% faster the musketeer trains in 10 seconds this causes a huge disadvantage for India in Treaty

a card that add infinite grove at age 4 to have infinite access to wood since the infinity chart of 1300 wood are ‘’ inutil 'or simply add a factory since all civilians have access excerpt the native civilizations. To have all the vills need to have 9900 wood not to mention all the updates of economy and military.


The Portuguese and useless consulate for India since they already have a card discount of wood in AGE 2, (although the Portuguese had a historical participation in India)

—Most problems can be solved with the addition of a factory and a church at the consulate.

–Maybe there are errors of spelling I apologize because English is not my primary language, I really hope some developer see this my post


India is already OP, even in Treaty. Portuguese Consulate is useless to everyone, but Russian Consulate Factory would be grossly OP for India. Also, Portuguese make more sense than Russians, for a Consulate in India.

If you have trouble playing Indians in Treaty, where they can boom freely and just crush everyone with Mass Sepoy, then taht is a Learn-to-Play issue, not a balance issue.

In fact, India needs heavy nerfs in almost everything it has, except Sowars and Rajputs.


Have you ever played in Treaty, man? Are you going to make Sepoy against everything? I think you did not understand right my post


LOL cannon, that’s something india doesn’t need.
Also, the ottoman consulate grants great bombards.


Yes, I did.

Indian Consulate Cannon shipment availability:
-Ottomans: Acess to Great Bombards in 3 shipments
-British: Access to Falconets in 3 shipments
-Portuguese: Acess to Culverins in 2 shiments and Horse artillery in 1 shipment
-French: Access to Horse Artillery in 1 shipment

Seems to me, you are just not playing with your Consulate right. Specially when the Consulate units auto-upgrade, and you do not have to actively gather Export, the only resource they use.

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I dude in the maximum 6 to 7 times the bombards, after exports ends and the unity you will have to destroy the infatary of a European or an asian this topic and only the treaty in normal games india and very good


6-7 times 2 Great Bombards, is 12-14 Great Bombards.
If you cannot win with so many, then it is your fault.

Even Ottos do not often get 12 Great Bombards on the field.

in a game of 40 I is almost impossible to get more than 8000 k of exports you think a game that lasts more 15 or 20 mim I after 40, man you really do not play treated


india op in treaty lol, they are one of the worst


8k Export is already too much, you can send 5 Ottoman Expeditionary Armies, and get 10 Great Bombards with them, and that is if you are not using Good Faith Agreements.


10 Bombards should win you EVERY Artillery fight in the match, and make Infantry pointless against you.

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You don’t need the great bombard anyway. The siege elephants can snipe other artillery and allow mass sepoy to roll over everything.


I often get at least the 2 Great Bombards shipment anyways, because it is just too good not to.

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Mass sepoy and siege elefants? Countered by skirms. Come on guys


these guys did not play treated and keep talking ■■■■ I wanted a dude that really plays with india in treaty 40 minutes to see what he thinks of it


you use 5 times and after ? india need train canhons, india unplayed in treary just because this no have decent canhons and train time infantry

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After you get 10 Great Bombards? You win!

As long as you spamm Sepoys in front of those Bombards, there is no unit combo that can easily kill you.

India already has plenty of options for Cannon, and their native one is a huge improvement over the base Culverin.
I suggest you learn to use Elephant units too, since Mahout Lancers crush Infantry easily.

Dude, I already saw that and you do not play treated because you keep commenting thing you do not know! I doubt you break a skimish dragon combo and cannons , india 25%
slower and no decent cannon and without a decent colubrin


Easily, with Gurkhas, which are already better than normal Skirms, even Royal Guard ones.

Nope. Cannon Elephants are even faster than Culverins, and better in EVERY way.


jesus crist…

You forgot the 10% decrease in training time with Immigrants that all civs get. This put European (except Ottomans) at -75% training time and Indian at -50%.
This mean that Europeans train infantry at TWICE the speed as Indians. Add the -15% from the Inca minor tribe (the most common Treaty map in the pool with Ori) and it is now FOUR time faster.

In theory true, but in practice, I’ve found that some matches are impossible to win because of the reasons given by the original poster.

For exemple, Caroleans + Culverins are impossible to deal with. Europeans have instant speed creation of cavalry that can easily deal with Gurkhas if needed. And replacing Gurkhas take FOUR time what it takes to build Caroleans.

Personanlly, I never had issue with wood. There are 2 Trickle cards and one that reduce wood cost of building + the fact that the main army does not cost wood.