Renewals to the original content and its first two expansions

After the sixth patch addressing USA. :wink:


When will we have a refresh of the old content…?

I understand that developers do not speak out about it, perhaps because they do not generate false expectations or speculations that end up misinforming, but I think that before giving new content we should make the old not feel overshadowed by the new.

Sometimes it seems that the ideas we give to solve and improve aspects of the older content, end up being implemented in the newer. Many of the things that Mexico has now have been mentioned in the forums.

If you have a shortage of ideas for what’s new, then motivate the community to come up with ideas for future content. After all, AOE-3 is extremely flexible when it comes to mechanics.

I hope that by mid to late 2022 all old content will be revamped.


Of course,a European dlc (Italy and Poland-Lithuania) in August 2022 and an South American dlc (Brazil/Tupi and Argentina/Mapuche) or South Asia (Persia and Oman) in December 2022…


Denmark is more relevant in the aoe3 time period and it was a colonial power and Italy which didn’t exist back then and Poland which was sort of absorbed by Prussia and Russia (Poland could be a revolt to germany and russia).

Denmark Revolutions could be Iceland and Norway (which could also be a revolt for Sweden).

This! And please devs if you are reading, do not leave out Asian civs either. They still don’t even have the reworks implemented to Euros for DE at release, Age V mercenary option, Age IV infinite mercenary cards, rework of some cards to make them more viable or even twerking Age up bonuses to avoid practically forced options for some ages like Summer Palace Age II with China.

Ps: I’m being specific to DE and not counting elements carried over from ESOC.


You remind me of an aspect in which Native American civilizations without arsenal and / or firearms are at a disadvantage compared to those that are, in the case of being allied with natives with firearms or gunpowder cavalry. I have already suggested a solution for this.

The Indians could also have this benefit, although I think it is better that they have access to an arsenal since many of their units are gunpowder (it could be granted by the Portuguese allies). India actually needs some tweaks, but I think their units are very good, so these tweaks are more late-game or treaty-focused.

For my india it is one of the best civilizations in supremacy.


There are some absolute design holes (that has little to do with balancing) that need to be filled:

  • Asian outlaws are still quite bad
  • Viable outlaws and mercs are needed for Asian civs
  • Up-to-date mercenary cards for old civs
  • Most non-African natives are still quite useless

todas as civilizações do jogo tem atualizações de velocidade menos a índia e haudonosaune, mais haudonosaune tem acesso ao arsenal europeu e acesso a canhoes e morteiros o que ja e uma grande vantagem alem de ter 4 cartas completas para dano e vida para cav e inf , india so 3 cartas para melhoria de inf e mesmo assim são mediocres


If I could I would like this comment 100 times lol. Perhaps a small addition I’d make is giving the xp trickle for monasteries an equivalent in wood cost, since 1) cheaper churches produce also 0.7xp 2) You miss out on 0.6 coin trickle cause Monastery is 2 in one function-wise.

This could also bring more life and appeal to some cards like Age I monastery shipment. Many other cards deserve this fresh air btw, such as Sumptuary Laws and most civ’s hero cards.

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Asian maps do have asian outlaws and mercs. What do you mean? What we really need are native american outlaws for south american maps/civs, instead of the generic commanchero, pistolero, and renegado that look straight out of the old west.

Outlaws on Asian maps were rarely touched, unlike American ones which have been tweaked a lot or African ones which were very useful. Outlaws should be fair on most maps. If some maps have too good outlaws (like African ones before the nerf), it’s going to change the gameplay more drastically than resource distribution, etc.
Asian civs do not have better outlaw/merc options or ways to improve them like many other civs.


To that I would add that their re-nerf of other non USA outlaws (that they can spam from 3 buildings), just put American-map outlaws back into irrelevance with that pop usage for other civs. Not only that but now they have an even more useless Dance Hall/Atonement card (at least make it give outlaws hp and attack boost for non USA/Mexico civs). For example, a 2 pop pistolero-type unit seems decent with Dance Hall, but 3 pop is too much (1 pop was too generous), 3 pop for comanchero seems okay, considering as reference Black Riders pop.

I completely agree with you, Asian upgrade cards are waaay too specific for units, so if you build mercenaries or outlaws, they don’t get the generic ‘‘all infantry/cavalry/ heavy infantry’’ bonus. For most cases this should be addressed not by just generalizing the bonus to all unit types because of balance, but adding the units manually like devs did for comanchero and cav upgrade cards.

The Germans did not exist as a united nation either, but they are in the game as a civilization…well the same would apply with Italy,using the mechanics of city-states to age up…

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And it’s been discussed many times that Germans shouldn’t have been a civ it should have been austrians and two separate civs. British shouldn’t have had longbows either, that was just someone at Ensemble Studios being too nostalgic.

At any rate Italian city states were collectively too weak to matter at all during this period. But Denmark had colonies (They still have Greenland) and explored America before columbus misread the size of the earth.


Well remember that it is a German civilization,not a united nation as such,that is,it would represent the Holy Roman Empire and on the longbows,the British continued to use them until the English civil war in 1642,for example the royalist army owned thousands of these;instead the parliamentary army had thousands of muskets…


South America needs more natives. Even Central America and the Caribbean could have more natives such as the Tainos.


Turks need to look Turkish, with Turkish texture for architecture, Turkish peasants, grenadiers with Turkish textures, light knights like hussars but with Turkish textures, and artillery carriers with Turkish textures.


I think we can assume that this is being fulfilled. I like the new British unit and their new warship. I would like other civilizations to receive some kind of flagship in the future.

I think it would be relatively easy to polish the minor factions one by one, just as it is being done with the civilizations. Enough research has already been done to update them properly: [Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at.

I don’t think it’s too difficult. Just some code alterations and an image that represents that improvement/technology.

We have also ordered some new units, but I don’t think it will be very difficult. After all they are adding skins to the heroes and sometimes new units.

By the end of the game the strelet of the Russians could cost coins instead of wood once the improvement of ‘imperial strelet’ is done. They use firearms so that would also make more sense. In fact I think they could cost coins+food from the beginning, but I guess the cost in wood is for balance or something like that.

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Ottomans could also have a skirmish unit in the barracks, and unlockable gunpowder cavalry with cards replacing the cavalry archer and making it available in the fort. (All this for game end). They also need an infinite native ally, just like the Germans.

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