Some DLC concepts with the same pattern as LotW and DotD

This one’s great but I don’t agree with the rest.

Why if I may ask do you have an issue with the other ones?

Look at all the polls on topic, and if you have any other stats that counter that, please by all means pull it out of your hat…

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There’s Bulgaria already, and if you look at Eastern Europe as a region as a whole, you can’t complain about having the most civs in the game per architecture set.

List the reasons why it should come ahead of multiple other civs
4-5 American civs
4-5 African civs
4-5 Asian civs
then we go back to Europe

Every civ in the game has a campaign or historical battle and we keep getting more campaigns for civs so your argument is mute.

No one did.

Not as much as America, Africa and Asia


Of the 275 voters, 76% voted for Europe
59% for America
97% for Africa
88% for Asia
16% for Middle East
21% for Oceania
In order of popularity that would be

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • America
  • Oceania
  • Middle East

If, however, we go for a more focused approach, this would be the attack for future DLCs.

  • North America
  • Central Africa
  • South Asia
  • South Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Oceania
  • East Africa
  • East Asia
  • Central Europe
  • South America
  • North Asia
  • West Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Middle East
  • Western Europe
  • North Africa
  • South East Asia
  • Central America
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe

I think the Indian civ does a decent job of representing India and I don’t want the Might of the Mansas because I don’t think we need more African civs.

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Having a civ labeled Indians is even worse than having a civ labeled Slavs and look how many Slavs sub-civs we’ve gotten already


I dont consider those to be the very top

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I have a lot of Indian Steam friends like @Juggernaut8704 and he’s very, very unhappy about how the Indian civ does represent India. Considering that we have right now even a discussion about how poorly the Delhi Sultanate represents India in the AOE4 forums, I don’t think the Indian civ in AOE2 does a great job at this either.

There are literal empires missing there like the Oyo, Songhay and Kanem Bornu but okay. Why do you think we don’t need any more African civs? This set is used by 2 civs only and Africa is literally the second biggest continent in the world with about the same population as Europe. It’s not as densely populated admittedly, but the region which were are rather important like the Swahili in the Indian Ocean trading network.


Those are in the list of Medieval great powers, but you do you…

He means ingame the best civs, not irl


Ah, okay. Then that’s another story.

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The Delhi Sultanate does do a bad job of representing India, I agree with you on that.

I don’t think the devs are gonna add civs like Kanem Bornu because I don’t think anyone who is not an African historian even has an idea about what they were.

It could be also said that some of them received wrong architecture set, namely Bohemia and Poland. And what i said was referring to just South East Europe, if you think two civs is plenty that is your own opinion, my opinion differs.

4-5 American - are you referring to whole Americas? North American civs don’t fit AOE2 timeframe, Mesoamerican i can see few more added, but other than those they all to similar to each other, if you have been reading many posts on this subject you will see that people in most part agree on this.
4-5 African civs - also, i can see some of them added, in fact i support that statement, but i’m not sure if 4-5 is correct number, maybe less.
4-5 Asian civs - i see no problems here, i support this

I don’t see my statement as mute, does every civ has its own campaign? Not talking about historical battle, i mean its own full campaign.

Dude, South-East not Eastern! South East has only 2 civs. I’m not complaining about Eastern Europe as a whole, with DotD i believe it is fairly well represented. Please don’t misinterpret what is wrote.

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Then you should also welcome some more Indian civs, considering how an elemental part of Indian warfare elephants were. Camels have almost nothing to do with Indian warfare except in the Western part of it. Having Indians is like having Slavs but at least 3 times worse.

I thought exactly the same way about Cumans but here they are, part of the game. What’s better to learn more about some lesser known part of history :slight_smile:

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I am welcome to adding more Indian civs if they have elephants cause I love elephants. :heart::elephant:

Cumans are a bit of a different case but I think you’re right about the game teaching lesser known history so add the Kanem Bornu which after googling I know now represents Chad and Nigeria. :slight_smile:

What is the justification? Your arguement makes 0 sense.

They are no more similar than South East Europe civs are to eachother :slight_smile:

4-5 is actually shooting low for more Africa civs imo

Of course you don’t, how many people do you know that say something and then say their point is mute?

The answer is obvious

It will be quite awhile until every civ does if they keep going in the direction the LotW and DotD have gone. 2 campaigns for the 2 new civs and 1 for an old civ

South East is a tiny patch of land compared to areas like Asia, Africa and America that are poorly represented compared to Europe as a whole. Most of Europe is overrepresented and personally, I think 2 civs is plenty for South East Europe currently, maybe in 5 years we can revisit Europe.

As for the polls, the first one is vauge as it lists Europe as a whole instead of centralized. You also only get one vote, I for one want to see a Saxon civ from Europe, hence I picked Europe but I would much rather them go to other regions of the world first before we hit Europe again. And then there is the issue that it has less than half of the voters of the poll I listed, same for the other poll you posted. Generally, the greater the number the clearer the answer. If you’re testing a medical drug and the first test has 101 people and says the drug works, great. You test it with 275 people again and THAT one says the drug doesn’t not work, which one do you trust?


I don’t mind instead of DLC they added some unique units to existing civs and maybe update existing UU.

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