Some fun sprite creation

Want to see this before “Rome” returns. :smiley:

I’ll try to make that happen, no promises though

What is taking time is rendering and trying, the animations are fairly quick. But I have also had very little time to work on anything.

I know it is annoying to wait haha

Best regards,

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I will wait, and know that great things always take time. :smiley:

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These can be subscribed to and downloaded now. The longswordsman one is kinda WIP as there are some animations missing and not properly fixed.


The foot Knights stance looks really cool.

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Thank you!

Some anims are a bit wonky, I’ve probably redone and re-rendered many of them like 30 times

Would love to see them use shields, but that armor alone looks great already.

Image Source: Battle of Agincourt | Facts, Summary, & Significance | Britannica

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I did do some tests with shields, I was mucking about with it!

I might look into it and publish that as an alternative reskin :grin:


Great work! Just like warriors coming out from history. Looking forward to see the complete set of (or even more) animations of them. :smile:

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Hello everyone!

I got some feedback and noticed some minor issues with the halberdier. But I’m working on an improved version that have better lighting etc. A bit reworked design.

Here is a bad screen of it, there are also some wip screens in the thread of the newer version.

I will eventually replace and or update the mod with the new one. So the issues will be fixed with that! Continually trying to improve the sprites.


Halberdier Reskin - War of the Roses Updated!

I have published the updated version while still keeping the old. So if you want to use the new one, subscribed and disable the previous mod!


I’m probably doing some changes to the “militia-line”.

Men at Arms - “Norman” looking infantry.
Longswordsman - The one in the screenshots below.
Two-handed Swordsman - Will do something like the agincourt-based footknight with a twohanded sword etc.


If we ever get an age of chivalry de mod your units would be very useful.


Maybe you can make some kind of infantryman that has a buiding animation like the Serjeants, so that it can build some certain siege weapons on battlefield, just like that in AOE4…Is this a good idea? :smile:

My idea currently is creating this 3 unit reskin of the militia line.

The sprites are not perfect and they aren’t completely finished.

Men at Arms


Two-handed Swordsman


what a wonderful skin! Did you plan to make same cavalry line skin?

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Thank you! I would like to do that, but I got to fix my old horse model and get into good quality!

While I do think that Men at Arms looks sick af, it looks too similar to the Serjeants. My solution would be to change Serjeants weapon to that of an axe or spear rather than a sword.

Thank you! And yes I was thinking about them being very similar

Dont Serjeants already have axes? :thinking:

But I will think of any possible options

Oh yeah my bad, they already did.