Some fun sprite creation

But the feedback is still important, they have similar ###########

The kite shield unit looks great but it needs to be a bit more robust. Looks abit flat, esp the shield. Maybe a generic pattern on the shield would be better than the lion.

Good feedback! The shield is a bit flat yes, will look into it thank you.

I’ve changed up the Man at Arms a bit, giving him a few differences. I’ve tried to approach it differently, the kite shield is a bit smaller to make it more similar to the original MAA.

I changed the helmet and added the “hood thingy” since the colored helmet was very close to the Serjeant.

I might do a few more passes, but I think it looks quite solid. Kept the units quite simple to not overdo them and more detail towards the later upgrades.


For the legs, I might advise looking more at the crossbowman. The boots should be darker, and the pants should probably be white, as that’s one of the graphical conventions AoE2 units seem to have.


Ngl that man at arms looks beautiful, can’t wait to try this mod when it’s done.

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That looks beautiful. Got discord?

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Fair point I will look into your feedback, thank you!

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also would be nice if you give a proper pipeline process for it. Time taking to render and so on.

beautiful units both. How would it be possible to make them match the resolution and crispness of the crossbowmen for example? May be similar shoes/boots would help? Otherwise the unit looks stunning. Also the men at arms unit with the hero aura.

I can share some of it probably :thinking:

What takes most time is adjusting and fixing. Everything depends on how well you know 3D modelling and setting up cameras + lighting.


Are (at least some of) the animations reusable? If yes, maybe you can make some units like this?

  1. Dismounted crusader with sword (or axe) and shield, wearing black clothes. Can be a Hospitaller…probably?

  2. Swordsman with rudimental shield, wearing early Eastern European style armor, probably…like the pagan Baltic tribes?

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It will take some time :thinking: I have to 3D model everything and some animation sharing is possible!

But I will finish the reskin collection first and foremost :grin:

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Want to see how the longswordsman is progressing now… :partying_face::

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I will work on it whenever I have time! Lots of work and was on a work trip away this week.