Some Historical Battle ideas:

Battle of Tlatelolco (1473)

Civilization: Aztecs
Protagonist: Axayacatl
Enemy Civilization: Aztecs
The battle between Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco, neighboring island cities on Lake Texcoco, which saw Tlatelolco resubjugated by Tenochtitlan, after 136 years of independence from them.

Battle of Cuzco (1532)

Civilization: Inca
Protagonist: Quizquiz (and Chalkuchímac in Co-Op)
Enemy Civilization: Inca

The last battle of the Inca Civil War, where the forces of Atahualpa captured Cuzco and dethroned his half-brother Huáscar. The Civil War would leave the Inca weakened and allow the Spaniards to more easily conquer them. Atahualpa would eventually end up captured and executed by the Spanish, just as he had captured and executed Huáscar.

Conquest of Ohio (1656)

Civilization: Haudenosaunee
Protagonist: -
Enemy Civilization: Dakota (Modified Lakota)

During a series of conflicts known as the Beaver Wars, the Haudenosaunee and allied tribes seized control of the Ohio Country, driving out the Shawnee and Dakota people from the region, forcing them to resettle west of the Mississippi River.

Battle of Ueno (1868)

Civilization: Japanese
Protagonist: Saigō Takamori (and Ōmura Masujirō in Co-Op)
Enemy Civilization: Japanese
One of the decisive victories in the Boshin War and which led to the Fall of Edo to the forces of Emperor Meiji, paving the way to the Meiji Restoration.

The player would use a modified version of the Japanese Civilization that has a unique American Consulate alliance, giving them Consulate troops based on the U.S. Civilization’s units.

Siege of Plevna (1877)

Civilization: Romanians (and Russians in Co-Op)
Protagonist: Mihail Cerchez (and Eduard Totleben in Co-Op)
Enemy Civilization: Ottomans
A battle that not only led to the Liberation of Bulgaria and paved the road to Independence for Romania, but also delayed the Russians from reaching and taking Constantinople from the Ottomans, allowing the Ottoman empire to survive into the 20th century.


Great suggestions! More the merrier for historic battles.

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Sacco di Roma (1527)

Civilization: Italians
Protagonist: - Pope Clement VII
Enemy Civilization: Spanish

This mission would be to enable the safe evacuation of the Pope during the attack on the Vatican. The player’s task would be to hold St. Peter’s Basilica until the successful evacuation of the Pope. The enemy would be the Spaniards civ using Landsknecht in addition.


For the grace, for the might of our lord
In the name of his glory
For the faith, for the way of the sword
Come and tell their story again!

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Kircholm 1605 Battle of Kircholm - Wikipedia
Klushino 1610 Battle of Klushino - Wikipedia
Rocroi 1643 Battle of Rocroi - Wikipedia
Berestechko 1651 Battle of Berestechko - Wikipedia
Vienna 1683 Battle of Vienna - Wikipedia
Zenta 1697 Battle of Zenta - Wikipedia

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I would very much like one about either the Spanish conquest of America or one about SouthAm independence wars. Maybe the joint Argentinian-Chilean Expedition to Peru. I’m too lazy to do one by myself, though

Honestly I’m hoping we get some Native or Asian ones. All the ones we got are either for African or European civs. And I’m counting the colonist civs as European.

In my case it would be the battle of the Maule River (1485) or Curalaba (1598) with Mapuche, Pavia (1525) with Italians and Lutzen (1632) with Swedes (I was going to add Vienna in 1683 with Germans but it is already in the game)…

It’s already in the game…


I believe it would be better if the enemy were the German civ, since the attack was carried out by the Imperial army, with the addition of some Italian and Spanish regiments, ironically under the command of a Frenchman, the Constable de Borboun.
The composition of the attacking army would be:
Pikemen, Doppelsoldners and Landsknecht representing Imperial soldiers; Stradiots and pavisiers representing the Italian soldiers and finally… Cannonners and Lancers representing the Spanish soldiers.
The defending army: Pikemen, Pavisiers and Papal Halberdiers…

To be fair, I much would prefer proper Historical Battles to the Historical Maps model. Though again, I’d rather see some Native and Asian battles before we see more European or African ones.

Me too, but I consider that the historical maps have greater replayability in the long term… the story doesn’t change me too much… I configure the historical map as a historical battle and that’s it xd…

You mean USA and Mexico? And hypotetical HB-only Argentina, Brazil, Peru…?
We could always get a Mapuche HB, then. Something like this would be necessary for the Spanish

if it’s in the 16th century

Originally ES was going to allow you to create cannoneers from the discovery age…


Breitenfeld 1631
Lützen 1632

You have a source? I feel you’ve been making a few unsourced “Ensemble plans” posts lately. The only thing I can find is this from Greg Street:

We thought there were enough “guys with guns” already in the game, so decided not to have hand cannoneers, aquebusiers or any other proto-musket.

Yeah, and the Canadians in Queenston Heights.

I think he means the fact that AoE3 was originally going to have medieval units and early musketeers in the discovery age.

As for a source: there’s cut content for a discovery age Musketeer skin, as well as the Making Of mini doc for AoE3 mentioning that they originally planned the discovery age to feature military units but they found that playtesters would just rush and end games in 5 minutes or so.


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Also, boneguard swordsmen are a relic of those times. They were suposed to be trained at the Discovery Age

Edit: interesting that relic but with q instead of c gets censored

That’s too bad :frowning: But would you like a battle from the point of view of the natives, against the Spanish?

Of course, of course…

No, but I’d like to play as the Tlaxcalans beating the shit out of the Aztecs.

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