Dev Suggestions Super-Thread

There’s a lot of really creative ideas for new content and game balancing that get tossed around on the forums and I think it’s a shame for them to just get buried after a while. So, I decided it could be a good idea to make this thread where people can post links to all their own suggestion threads and whatever threads they’ve enjoyed in the past so that they can all be easily accessible in one place.


I’m not sure if this is feasible, as there is a massive amount of such threads around the forum. But it’s worth a try. Here are my contributions:

Quality of Life Features:
-Rename Deck Button
-Randomize Hero Name Button
-Detailed In-Game Help Page

Gameplay Mechanics/Content:
-Specialized Estates
-Livestock Rework
-Alternate AI Leaders
-Tracking Mechanic for Dogs

New Civilizations:
-Brazil Pitch

Map Ideas:
-Assorted Map Ideas
-Amazon Map Ideas


Buscare las sugerencias que hice pero no se como copiarlos y pegarlos como el comentario arriba de mi xd



Few more links


Add Poland.

Will add more things later!

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Potential changes for the Italians civ:


Danes civ concept
Persians civ conept
Dissolving the Holy Roman Empire (Germans)


Excluding the replies I left on other people’s threads, here are the threads I opened.

Although I don’t know such a hub-like thread really means. This thread will also be buried after a while due to time, this is the way the forum is designed.



Here’s pretty much all of mine

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A comparative analysis on disciples and White Pagoda: Summary at least give them an snare and interesting look lol

Export analysis and suggestions, even more relevant now that we see how the “many tongues” of Maltese allow for even spammable non-original units.

XP comparative analysis and balance suggestion for monastery: *REVISED* XP building production - cost analysis & discussion

On the unfinished DE mercs rework (Asians weren’t considered at all): Additionally turn into infinite mercs cards the ones in Age IV like they did with Euros for the rework DE rework.

Extra: Give Chinese flamethrowers more range and some more speed, they even get outranged by musks and kited. Provide them the ability to snare (you know, as an effect from heat)

Extra 2: Reduce the pop for American maps and Asian Maps outlaws; make it so that once you send “Dance Halls/Atonement” their population is the same as their regular unit counterpart. And pleaaase fix this bug, they don’t even have a melee attack animation!

that the light cannon be added for the Incas in the 3 age, they need it a lot

Aquí encontré los míos

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