Some "new" cards for ancient civilizations

On top of current buffs they could give +5-10% production, but maybe have balance hits.


A Possible New Letter to the Lakota: 'The White Buffalo’

You will receive a white buffalo that will give you 2000 experience and he will be able to work in the square with the rhythm of 5 workers and will count as 5 workers. In case it dies you can create it in the square.
Possible New plot solution on obtaining Lakota and Haudenosaunee coins


Advanced plantation is useful in the campaign, especially the steel part.

Yes sir, we could really use this

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I don’t even use the advanced plantation throughout the steel campaign… I just put units in it and already xd…

Before anything sorry for not reading all the comments.

That said Euro civs could use cards to allow hiring specific Merc units like Sweden, specifically mercs from their nations.

Ex, Germans: Blackritter, Jäger, etc.
French: Fusilier, Napoleon canons, etc.

Be a card or mechanic to allign with royal houses from new dlc. And be able to send it’s special units as shipments like Italians from Basilica.


Advanced mill.
In addition to the current benefits, all upgrades available at an earlier age and 20% cheaper.

Seed Drill
Moved to age 1.

Artificial Fertilizer
Moved to age 2.

Advanced plantation
In addition to the current benefits, all upgrades available at an earlier age and 20% cheaper.

Moved to age 2.

Moved to age 3.

Moved to age 3.


I admit it’s fun to think of ideas, for “new” cards. :slightly_smiling_face:


Advanced Arsenal: Ships 1 Arsenal Wagon; Arsenal upgrades are 50% cheaper and provides Arsenals with Flint Lock, Paper Cartridge, Military Drummers, Pillage, Professional Gunners and Trunion.

Advanced Market: Ships 1 Market Wagon; Markets get +30% buy/sell factors and upgrades are 35% cheaper.

Advanced Ranching: Livestock Pens can train Cows and Livestocks fatten 30% faster when tasked to Livestock Pens, Farms, and Villages.

Advanced Trading Post: Trading Posts get a ranged attack and +30% hit points, and Trade routes generate 25% more resources.

Assassins: Upgrades Spies into Assassins with +100% attack and +5.0x multiplier against heroes and mercenaries; assassins gain a charged ability, Hidden Pistol.

Advanced Dock: Docks get +100% attack and heal ships 100% faster, and allows to recycle the fishing boats that are garrisoned. (ship train time -35%)


Advanced Citizenship: Removes the population cost of settlers and Fishing Boats.

Citizenship: Ships 1 Citizen (Settler) for each building you have constructed; Citizens enabled at the Town Center for 50 coin

OperaticShip743 for nothing in particular. :wink:


Some “new” cards for ancient civilizations :slightly_smiling_face:

The Fort and Castrametation cards need some improvements. :slightly_smiling_face:

2 Fort Wagons: (Age IV)
Effect: Ships 2 Fort Wagons; Fort build limit +2

Castrametation: (Age III)
Effect: Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1; the Explorer can build Outposts and Forts

Pioneers: (Age I)
Effect: Villagers get +65% hit points Ships 2 Settlers.

Town Militia: (Age I)
Effect: Town Centers get +50% attack, can use Colonial Militia and they only lose half of their health.

Reputation: (Age II)
Effect: Reduce the maximum experience scaling per consecutive shipment to 1250 instead of 2500.


I think that now that there are “natives” from Europe and Africa, the Europeans could have shipments of this type of units in their respective decks. Infinite send for the end of the game, and limited send for early ages.


food box needs buff.
villagers collect food is faster than gold and wood.
so many players I know don’t choose 700 food,600 food or 1000 food at all,that’s unfair.
maybe 25% buff is enough for shipment and tp.

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ºRessurrect :slightly_smiling_face:

¿a alguien se le ocurren nuevas tarjetas para viejas civilizaciones?

Aztec Pantheon (IV, 1000coin): Each BB grants 5% HP and attack to puma spearman and otontins; 1% Speed for JPKs and ERKs; 1 LOS for AKs. Dock BB can be researched twice.


This request came true. Each faction has its own native mercenaries and allies in its metropolis, which are historically feasible and make up for some shortcomings. For example the Ottomans have a shipment of native skirmishers (9 fanar allies) at age 2.

We also have mercenary ships that were previously exclusive to African civilizations.

Thank you very much for all that, however it fixes older cards, like for example the Admiralty card, or cards that change a resource total, for another resource total, like the new Dutch card ‘Dutch squares’, or the similar inca card. To balance we could make subsequent uses slower, or slow down in proportion to the amount of resources we want to change. In other words the shipment would arrive slower.




Viceroyalty of Perú. (Age III)
Effect: Home City Resources Cards are shipped in 30 seconds and also ships 200 food, 200 wood, 200 coin.

Viceroyalty of the River Plate. (Age IV)
Effect: Crate Shipments are delivered directly to the storage stack and deliver an additional 500 resources.

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Ideas I had shared in this thread and were already implemented:

While there is a clear difference from the Azap, the original intention of the archaic unit that use a bow is the same.

The Ranger. Although the unit I had assumed has a longer range and a slower rate of fire to avoid making people unwilling to use it due to losing the long range of Longbowman. Btw, I still hope the term “Green Jacket” returns from Indians to British, in contrast to the Red Coat.

Although the effect is different, it is still a card for improving the Cavalry Archers and the unique bowman.

Contrary to what I assumed, it became a military card of shipment of Highlanders. Not bad either.
After moving to the Fortress Age, it seems to lose its power.
My idea for it now is, move back to the Commerce Age, cost 500 coin, ship 3 Highlanders and 1 Estate Wagon, make existing and future Estates spawn 2 highlanders, Estates can be accessed at any age, and Highlanders can be accessed at Saloons.
If this card is used in the Commerce Age, this is equivalent to getting 5 Highlanders for half the price. And if it is used in the later game, its power is determined by the number of Estates, not a fixed upper limit.

What I assumed are to improve the amount of resources in the crates and ship Red Coats, and now they are to improve the build bounty and ship mercenaries. all good.

Not implemented yet but I am very looking forward to:

The Envoy really needs something.
What I assumed is making it the equivalent to Hot Air Balloon but on land. Unless trapped by buildings, it can explore recklessly. Peace of Münster can become to ship 1 additional Envoy, allowing the player to have 2 Envoys.

Make it a good choice for US on water maps.

Reflects the beginnings of Dutch history in South Africa. If Merchants are not allowed to get cheaper prices, it can instead ship 3 Merchants and 1 Bank Wagon in the Commerce Age or have each existing Bank spawn 2 Merchants in the Commerce Age.

Get women into the French games. This card is modeled after South Africa’s Huguenots card.

The name of this card is in line with the trend of common German civilization.
Can be an economy card for other effects, if the buying and selling of XP is so unpopular.

Named after a great Russian marshal. At the end of 1784 Kutuzov was promoted to major general and headed the Bug Chasseur Corps.
Since Chasseur has appeared in the game as the mercenary unit Mounted Rifleman, perhaps the effect of this card can be changed to be related to Mounted Rifleman.

Would love to see Lakota Chief in ranged mode, either with a firearm or bow, especially since it’s always lined up with ranged cavalry units.

Now the name is Heyoka.
In any case, simply allowing Lakota Chief to use stealth mode seems boring and underpowered.
Having it able to train other stealthable units might make it an effective raiding machine.

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Mercenary loyalty:

In addition to their current benefits, it rehabilitates the mercenary cards you’ve sent so far.

Politics related to mercenaries cost 20% less coins.

The mercenaries and outlaws from the bar/tavern and the like cost 5-10% less coins. (Now you can create them in batches of 10)

In addition to the current benefits, it gives you a Bar/Tavern Cart.


United States
Make a total of 12 Immigrants cards. What a beautiful number.

  • [NEW] Portuguese Immigrants (I):
    Ships 4 Fishing Boats; makes Fishing Boats cheaper by 20% and trained faster by 40%; costs 300 wood.
  • [NEW] New Upsala (II):
    Can reuse the icon for Swedish Immigrants of the cut content.
    Ships 4 Torp Wagons and 3 Surströmming crates; costs 500 wood.
    These Torps would spawn Blueberries instead of regular berry bushes.
  • [NEW] English Immigrants (III):
    Replaces British Immigrants.
    The effect can be one of the following.
    • Ships 1 Settler for each existing House.
    • Makes each existing House spawn a Settler.
  • [NEW] Italian Immigrants (IV):
    The effect can be one of the following.
    • Ships 3 Mill Wagons; makes Mill Tech free; refunds the cost if already researched.
    • Ships 5 Mill Wagons.


  • [CHANGE] Spanish Tongue (III): Ships Order Espadachines (Rodeleros) instead of Order Garrochistas (Lancers).
  • [CHANGE] French Tongue (IV): Ships Order Old Guard Grenadiers instead of Order Gendarmes (Cuirassiers).
  • [NEW] Italian Tongue (II):
    The effect can be one of the following.
    • Ships 1 Architect and 1 Commandery Wagon; Commanderies can now train Architect, up to 5; Commandery build limit +1; costs 450 wood.
    • Ships 1 Galleass and 1 Commandery Wagon; Docks can now train Galleass, up to 1; makes Docks near Commanderies work faster; Commandery build limit +1; costs 500 wood.
  • [NEW] Russian Shelter (IV):
    Replaces Russian Tongue.
    Ships 2 Commandery Wagons; Order Hussars and Order Dragoons +15% HP and attack; Commanderies get +30% HP and attack; Commandery build limit +2; costs 1000 wood.

Chinese New Year is 2 weeks away! The new year is the Year of the Rabbit.
Hopefully there will be more Zodiac cards.


Many old cards have been improved, but there are still many to polish.
Captura de pantalla (143)

The Market, Mill, and Plantation cards now grant a respective free building. However, I think they could be polished a bit more.

Advanced Plantation: In addition to current benefits, enable upgrades one age earlier.

Advanced Mill: In addition to current benefits, enable upgrades one age earlier.

Advanced Market: In addition to the current benefits, it allows prices to reset over time very slowly (The process is speeded up by xx% for each native TP and route TP you control).

Advanced Dock: In addition to current buffs, grants a Dock Building Cart and Economic Fishing upgrades are 10% cheaper. Or the dock are more resistant.

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