Somebody please made MOD to allow market trade from main window

AOE3 used to had Ekanta UI and Qaz UI Mod ( which allowed to trade from market from main screen. I got so used to it and do it frequently enough that it hinders my gameplay. If impossible where is documentation how to do UI modifications, may be I will try to do it myself.

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are you looking for an aoe3 de mod or you want that feature in aoe2de? from the screenshots of the link i cant really tell what it does :confused:

That mode adds following to your HUD to quickly buy/sell from market. Obviously I’d like to have it be part of the game but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be implemented so was asking if somebody can create a mod for this.

One idea posted before was to sling resources by clicking icons next to resource-related taunts. Other ideas included just using text in chat to sling resources (e.g., “@4 500g”), or give the ability to sling via the resource icons at the top of the screen, or enhance the Market’s menu to allow hotkeys, etc. Here’s the discussion, if curious to see:

I’m hoping for a dev-implemented solution rather than a mod, personally.

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I have made a couple of mods already and know my way around the structure of the user interface files and I feel like I have a good grasp of what is and what is not possible at this point.

The proposed mod is not possible to make imo(but I would love to be proven wrong) because the game does not really allow placing arbitrary new UI elements anywhere, at least not in a way where you could also hook them up with new functionality because there is no scripting support for mods and no API to talk to.

All you can do at the moment is modify existing UI elements (e.g. move them around, change size, graphics) inside their respective .json file but you can not move elements freely from one .json file to another .json file or add elements with additional functionality.

Also, the icons/functions for market trade inside the commandpanel are populated by the game dynamically at runtime when a market is selected, so they don’t even exist in any of the .json files.

What I propose as an individual solution for quick market trade is to configure a hotkey for “select all markets” (e.g. numpad *) and then use additional hotkeys for buy/sell (e.g. numpad 4 to 9) arranged like the buttons in commandpanel.