Someone doing massive AOE1DE mod, porting to AOE2DE

though I understand this isn’t everyone’s thing, the official support side of this game is pretty much dead. a few, on AOE2DE side took on the task of porting AOE1DE to AOE2DE with all the QoL features of the 2nd game, with 1st game’s graphics.

I would highly recommend people to give it a try even if you don’t own the 2nd game, it is fairly cheap nowadays on steam or xbox.

Not only AOE2 allows more civs, it also have other newer features compared to Aoe2HD etc, so far 42 civs? moddable up to 60 civs I think (assuming they release more DLC in the future)

if interested please show your support in that thread. they are even spending their own money for 3D artists to create new units, and also making lots of new civ and civ concept. I highly urge players from AOE1DE to try.


This is a cool project that uses a lot of AoE1DE assets but it’s not a port of AoE1DE to AoE2DE.

The start Age is the Iron Age for example.
So the gameplay is very different.


yea it will be different.

though name of age, cost etc all of those could easily be changed so those are minor issue

They are not trying to recreate AoE1DE. Their aim is to do something completely new. Including new civilisations that haven’t been in AoE1DE.
They are making completely new units and buildings too.
Which is really cool to be honest.

It starts of where AoE1 ends and ends where AoE2 starts. So it kinda fills in the gap.


What gap is that supposed to be? Age1 ends, as far as I know, with the end of the Roman Empire. After that came the dark times, right?

Yes and no.
AoE1 is mostly focused on Early Antiquity.
The whole Iron Age in AoE1 covers basically 1000 BC - 500 AD which is a lot.
Yes with RoR there are some scenarios that take part around 500 AD but that’s not what the game was designed around.
A lot of civilisations don’t even exist anymore in the Iron age like the Sumerians, Minoans, Babylonians, Assyrians, Shang or Egyptians.

While AoE2 technically starts in 500 AD but nearly all civilisations and nearly all campaigns are focused on the time 1000-1500 AD.

The mod starts with Iron Age and then has Early, Middle and Late Antiquity (very creative names).


Yes, the Civs are always been a special thing in AoE1. There were not so many in this time. Especially not in the Iron Age, which were really significant. But you have to be able to offer the players a certain selection.
Overall, however, I still find much better than in Age2, in which every redicilous civ (historically from the importance) is now sold as an empire.


AoE2 has the largest number of civilisations so they have the most chances of having strange civilisations.
But all AoE (+AoM) games had at last one stupid/inconsistent civilisation in their first Expansion.

AoE1 had Palmyra, which was only independent for a few years.
AoE2 had the Huns that ended before the end of West Rome.
AoE3 had the Lakota (Sioux) and Aztecs which are 400 years apart of each other.
AoM hat the Athlantians which are basically fantasy.

Well, the game is about fantasy.

We need a port like Rome Returns to AoE II DE

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AoE2 also has the Poles. Who doesn’t know it - the famous Polish Empire?
And Slavs, Khmer, Burmese, Malays and Vietnamese…

those can be changed to aoe1 civs so not an issue


how the heck you able to post a comment less than 20char? is it because link of an image is longer than 20 characters?

No it’s Mythology. That’s not the same.
Mythology is something that people actually believed in or even still believe in that is also part of a religion and or culture.

Fantasy is something that someone just made up for fun.
I hope no one believes that Lord of the Rings is real.

Atlantis was made up by Plato as a metaphor to tell a story. It was not part of Greek mythology.

I feel like the devs are up to something.
They posted about “inviting ancient friends” to AoE2 in 2023 in the road map. If it just was a simple event like the one on the AoE1DE anniversary where you can just unlock some skins and a cheat unit they wouldn’t announce that a year in advance, would they?

What’s wrong with the Poles?
Poland-Lithuania was the biggest land power in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

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can you elaborate some more here? what sort of new skin and cheat unit, any pictures?

There was an even in AoE2DE last year (or was it 2 years ago?) where you could unlock the Photonman cheat unit and some AoE1DE units as skin replacement like replacing the AoE2DE monk with the AoE1DE priest.

wonder how many would bother to try this on AOE2DE.

In fact, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was created in 1569 it was already the early modern period, not the late medieval… the only thing that its greatest power lasted until the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648, which initiates the Polish Deluge, where it is suffered invasions of Sweden to the west and Russia to the east…