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Hello dear fellows,

I was quite happy as I saw that AoE 2:DE includes second option for Spanish. In the options Menu you can find Spanish and Spanish for latinamerica, which wasent like that in the Beta. I was quickly disappointed as I saw, that the voices are still the same (spanish from Latinamerica). Is there any will from the developers to add Spanish (from Spain) voices to the game? I remember those AoE 2 voices and even if I use to play everything in English or German, I would like to play the DE with the Spanish voices as I did when I first bought the game 20 yers ago.



Hi man! i found that those forums exist and im going to tell about them to the other people who is talking about this in the steam forums.

There are MANY people asking for the same, the spanish form spain audio already exist since the first aoe 2 version and we deserve it ingame too


We need the Spanish from Spain voices just like they announced back on last summer. The original game and the first Definitive Edition had Spanish - Spain voices but I don’t understand why this game not. There are a lot of Spanish users annoyed with this.


I completely agree. Frankly, I can’t understand why AoE2 DE doesn’t have a castillan spanish for campaigns and taunts like the original. When Blizzard remastered Starcraft, they added a latin american spanish dub, but also did a re-dub for castillan spanish with the voices of SC2.

It’s the only wheel that fails. The graphics are gorgeous, the music is excepcional, and the gameplay has been uploaded to actual standards. But lacking a dub that existed in the original game is just baffling. :frowning_face:

I really hope that Microsoft/Forgotten Empires add a castillan spanish dub in a near future.


I have age of empires 2 hd in steam, and I was really excited to buy and play this definitive edition, but you are only going to see my money, when spanish voices(castellano) are in the game, like in the old version, Microsoft.

It´s a shame how you are disrespecting your spanish fans in the last years, I really enjoyed all of your games that were spanish dubbed in the past, like the first forza horizon (1 and 2), for example.

We can all agree that translate entirely a new game to Spanish is an expenditure that you dont want to do, ok, you will know, a part of people like me, are not going to buy your products then, although you are making undoubtedly, the best racing games, and other really good games from other genres.

But man, not translate entirely a game where at least the main campaigns were entirely in spanish, what kind of joke is that?


It’s easy, developers and Microsoft:

No Spanish from Spain dub, no money. I can follow playing HD Edition ad infinitum :slight_smile:


Acabo de publicar este mensaje en el tema que tenemos en Steam, dirigido a los desarrolladores, en español e inglés.


Hola, queridos desarrolladores:

Este tema es para expresar la decepción que sentimos los jugadores españoles ante vuestra incomprensible decisión de dejar Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition sin las voces en español de España. Cuando anunciasteis que estabais desarrollando este juego, fuimos muchos los que nos emocionamos porque hemos pasado horas y horas disfrutando de Age of Empires II, en el modo campaña y en el modo multijugador, y pensábamos que íbamos a poder disfrutar de este juego como siempre lo hemos hecho.

Muchos jugadores españoles acudimos a comprarlo en Steam (también en Microsoft Store) en cuanto se puse en preventa. Nuestro juego favorito, con las campañas clásicas, nuevas campañas, inteligencia artificial mejorada y el doblaje español clásico, ¿verdad? Así se anunciaba en la página de la tienda en Steam, con interfaz, subtítulos y voces en español de España:

Pero no. A finales de agosto, la tabla de español de España desapareció de Steam. Un mensaje nos aparecía a los usuarios españoles cuando accedíamos a la página de la tienda de Age of Empires II DE: “Este juego no está disponible en tu idioma”. De pronto, habíais decidido eliminar nuestro idioma, nuestro doblaje prometido, ese juego completo por el que mucho ya habíamos pagado. ¿Qué explicación habría? Preguntamos en los foros de Steam; preguntamos en los foros oficiales de la beta del juego; preguntamos por Twitter; preguntamos por correo electrónico. Solo la callada por respuesta. Apenas una semana antes del lanzamiento del juego, aparecía de nuevo en la tabla de idiomas de Steam “español de España” para la interfaz y los subtítulos, pero ni rastro de las voces. Las explicaciones de Microsoft y de los desarrolladores de nuevo brillan por su ausencia.

Los jugadores españoles nos sentimos engañados y apenados a partes iguales por el trato que hemos recibido de Microsoft y los desarroladores de Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. No solo han eliminado las voces del juego españolas, que se encuentran en el juego original y podían haber reutilizado, sino que no nos han dado ni una sola explicación del por qué. Por si fuera poco, es fácil encontrar jugadores hispanoamericanos en Steam y en Internet que critican el nuevo doblaje, que en nada se parece al original y que está realizado por unos actores de doblaje realmente malos. Para rematar, tenemos que soportar escuchar la campaña del héroe castellano por excelencia, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, el Cid, con acento sudamericano. ¿En serio, Microsoft?

Queremos explicaciones de por qué se han eliminado las voces en ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA y exigimos el doblaje prometido cuando el juego se presentó y por el que muchos pagamos anticipadamente.


Hello, dear developers:

This theme is to express the disappointment that Spanish players feel at your incomprehensible decision to publish Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition without the Spanish voices of Spain. When you announced that you were developing this game, there were many of us who got excited because we spent hours and hours enjoying Age of Empires II, in the campaign mode and in the multiplayer mode, and we thought we were going to be able to enjoy this game as always we have done.

Many Spanish players came to buy it on Steam (also in the Microsoft Store) as soon as it was put in presale. Our favorite game, with classic campaigns, new campaigns, improved artificial intelligence and classic Spanish dubbing, right? This was announced on the website of the store on Steam, with interface, subtitles and voices in Spanish from Spain:

But not. At the end of August, the Spanish table in Spain disappeared from Steam. A message appeared to Spanish users when we accessed the Age of Empires II DE store page: “This game is not available in your language”. Suddenly, you had decided to eliminate our language, our promised dubbing, that complete game for which we had already paid a lot. What explanation would there be? We asked in the Steam forums; We asked in the official forums of the beta of the game; We ask on Twitter; We ask by email. Just shut up by answer. Just a week before the launch of the game, it appeared again in the Steam language table “Spanish of Spain” for the interface and subtitles, but no trace of the voices. The explanations of Microsoft and the developers again shine by their absence.

Spanish players feel cheated and grieved in equal measure for the treatment we have received from Microsoft and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition developers. Not only have they eliminated the voices of the Spanish game, which are in the original game and could have reused, but have not given us a single explanation of why. It’s easy to find Hispanic-American players on Steam and on the Internet who criticize the new dubbing, which is nothing like the original and is made by really bad dubbing actors. In addition, we have to suffer listening to the campaign of the quintessential Spanish hero, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid, with a South American accent. Really, Microsoft?

We want explanations of why the voices in SPANISH SPANISH have been eliminated and we demand the dubbing promised when the game was presented and for which many paid in advance.


We do not understand why the new version of Age of Empires II DE has not been dubbed in Spanish from Spain. If it is a budget problem, why is the dubbing of the previous versions not included?


I personally wouldn’t really say that it’s an awful lack of respect to the cusomters per se, but it is to fans of the series. Even though I’m not from Spain, I grew up on the old dub of the game and it was simply amazing. The new narrators from latin america are just really bad. I don’t know who Microsoft outsourced the new dub to but they got ripped off because the VAs are god awful and not worth having in the game at all, save for maybe one or two that are semi-decent. Anyway I still don’t understand the decision to spend money on new latin american VAs but then get rid of the classic Spanish dub. Not only was the old dub universally recognizable by anyone who spoke Spanish, it was also very well done and the mixing on it was superb. The new dub sounds like it was mixed in a garage and none of the VAs put in any effort whatsoever. Hope this gets patched or otherwise guess we’re stuck with this version until someone mods in the dialogues from HD edition


Game Version: Age of Empires II:Definitive Edition

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  • Platform: Microsoft Store


I just intalled the game with Game Pass, and the language Spanish(Spain) and Spanish(American) is the same Voice Acting “Spanish(Amercian)”
So Spanish(spain) Does not in the game, or at least dosn’t work.
It’s a big problem for everyone in Spain who wants to play, because the original has a Spanish(spain) Voice Acting.

Please, someone fix that, and sorry for my bad english.

Still without answers? we still here asking for it!


Developers are missing, like the Spanish voices.

Great, Microsoft.


The only question that arises, at least for me, is if its planned to add the castillian voices or not. I can understand that they priorised to launch the game as promised on 14.11. but i would like to know if anyone is working on this issue. If not new voices i wouldnt be annoyed if the old ones are added to the game.



in fact i want the old voices, maybe some dub with the new campaigns, ok, but the existing campaings until conquerors, i want them with his original voices


It’s a shame that spanish voices were included in hd versión, but are not included in the definitive edition, in which we only have south american spanish. This is not acceptable for a lot of people who have been playing the game for years. You have the spanish audios, so it’s a nonsense you use the latin spanish in european spain market. My group of friend and me, won’t buy the game if this problem is not solved. And this is sad for me because is my favourite game in this genere. Latino spanish is good for south american people, we are happy for them, but we want the spanish from europe, which you had in the HD version of 2013. Solve the problem!


Es lamentable que pasen los dĂ­as y ningĂşn desarrollador tenga la decencia de darnos una explicaciĂłn.


He iniciado una peticiĂłn formal en Change:

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Lamentable que Microsoft no Doble al Español de España el AoE2 DE, como Microsoft no tomen una solución a este problema me perderá como futuro comprador para las futuras entregas de la saga Age of Empires


Se pueden hacer las cosas regular (mantener el doblaje original para las campañas clásicas y doblas con los actores latinos las nuevas), se pueden hacer las cosas mal (cargarse todo rastro del doblaje original) y se pueden hacer las cosas al estilo Microsoft: poner a actores latinos pese a haber un doblaje mejor, cargarse todo rastro del doblaje original redoblando innecesariamente hasta la campaña castellana del Cid y aún puedes rematar no dando ni una sola explicación.

Gracias, Microsoft. < /ironic>


At least we need to have the ability to separate text from voices. That way we can have english voices with spanish text

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