Standardize games to 30 minutes

But most of those games are won by surrender or by the loss of villagers, with the exception of Delih, I want it to be more common to win for sacred places or I want it to be common for the Chinese civilization to lose by distinctive buildings

if game is over 30+ minutes, just resign LOL. why complaining, if you can press resign button.

It will never be common to chineese lose by landmarks. It’s a civ that has 7 landmarks in late imperial.

I’ve seen lot of team games, before the patch that chineese dudes just hidden the landmarks to don’t get snipped.

About sacres places, well it’s true it’s hard to win by, but they also give gold, and the time you control them is giving you more eco advantage. Also, I think a place that can be capturated and in 10 min gives you victory is something that has to be hard, or we will see rushes to capture them if it were easier to win by capturing them.

I agree, therefore I have not suggested that sacred sites do not yield gold or that they are easy to capture.

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Yes, if it takes you over 30 minutes to beat me then you should resign :wink:

If it is modified to pause the sacred places this way of capturing them would be useful

Pro player vs #114

I’m in my 50s but even I feel like the game could use a speed multiplier. I don’t know if 1.3x is the right amount, but if the game allowed us to use 0.1 increments, 1.0x, 1.1x … up to 2.0x in single player games and custom multiplayer games we could all try it and get more of a feel for how they would play.


Could put this in the thread on keeps/walls - and maybe this is a skill thing - but I do think there’s a problem where players who’ve “lost” the early game (say up to the 15ish minute mark or so) decide to just turtle up.
And while they are behind - and in giving up map control likely remain behind - they aren’t so far back they can’t defend chokepoints that appear on certain spawns. Putting down 3-4 trebs to crack keeps is a quick way to lose that advantage (and I think we see this fairly often in tournaments etc).

So the game can easily become a 40-50 minute slog until the player with 2/3rds of the map tends to win - because the other player is eventually starved out of wood or gold etc. Or its a civ which is just much better in deep imperial.


SC2 in particular here offers so much more than just 1v1 ladder, but folks like you are too blind to see it, and thus, part of the problem
COH series meanwhile is imo more so RTT than RTS (not as relevant here), its good, and it does offer quite a bit even in custom content, but once again your tiny competitive pov can’t see that big picture
ik for quite a few of competitive oriented players that understand this simple fact:
competitive 1v1 is a part of RTS DNA, but thats it, a part of it, not all of what RTS is, smt i’m pretty much convienced you don’t even remotely understand based on your replies all over the forum, and its certainly smt developers fail to gasp as well based on development so far

Golden Swamp


in my opinion aoe4 hits the 30 minute mark often enough to be about right length, yes some games last longer but thats just a how aoe always worked, yes you could rush someone and end in 15-20 minutes, or sooner, but occasional long game isn’t anything new, if anything developers captured the pacing fairly well, aside from unit training taking forever which kinda adds to the length, bit by bit, slows down rushes by couple seconds, and slows down late game battles


If Beastyqt ,proplayer, takes more than 50 min to beat any conqueror, the problem is with the Meta

personally i think folks like you are putting way too much focus on esports part, just like for better or worse the developers, how long beasty needs to beat someone ingame doesn’t matter, as i said, there are other factors at play here that i have yet to see properly considered, like training times being between long to eternity, and as your graph here nicely shows, overemphasis on feudal hit and run without trying to age up and taking a lead, yes, its two effectively pro players here, but this is common in any equal matchup
my conclusion is this, this isn’t explicitely game related problem, this one is entirely on the players
training times being shorter would speed things up by a bit, at the end, the 120+ villager economies and 2 tc booming right away that has gone rampant is what is causing ultra long games, as you said, meta issue, but then, aoe4 meta is an interesting case, because here, players aren’t really the ones setting it, its the developers instead, the other part of the problem is the modern RTS trend of people blindly copy pasting what pros are doing instead of thinking on their own

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Have me repair with stone, the distinctive buildings, please

[Have distinctive buildings repaired with #########################################################################