Alternative way to capture holy places

I would like the units to be able to capture sacred places but through an aura of the Monk similar to the aura of the Kahn or the Mehter; An enemy Keep near the holy place makes it impossible to capture it with just the monk.

In the advanced configuration I play not to reset the sacred places and with that idea it is more viable to capture it if there is a keep nearby.


I want to clarify that I am suggesting a second way to capture the sacred sites, not replacing it.

I do believe that the enemy may have built a keep by the sacred site with the intention of STOPPING their enemy from capturing it…

Expanding the capture radius of monks seems counter intuitive.

Maybe allow monks to capture from inside rams or siege towers instead as a compromise?


But if it’s a problem when the holy places are paused instead of restarting, the one who captured first has the most advantage. In last week’s tournament, stone walls were prohibited, however there was a match that exceeded an hour and another of 50 minutes, I think the sacred places should only be restarted when everyone is lost, otherwise they should be paused

Ah wait.

Are you the guy who keeps posting in his own threads about walls needing nerfing and games lasting too long? XD

Maybe play modded custom games that reflect your very unique taste? As I’m not sure if AoE4 is the right game for you.

other people also think like me

da link with no upvotes and full of disagreeing comments :hot_face:

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my own threads about the walls, so here are some comments :wink:

I think you are getting too caught up in all this