Standardize games to 30 minutes

All the more reason why people should fill it out! I found the “rank in order of priority” style of question pretty neat.


my only real compaint on this topic is how often the items repeat, some i only got once, others constantly, but otherwise it works fine, might just be intended behaviour, in which case its fine

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Yeah I think they’re trying to weight them all from most-important to least.

So let’s say you rank A, B and C in that order. Then they ask you to rank D, E and F. After that they’ll want to know what you prefer out of A, B and D, or B, D and F - to try and find the issue you rank the highest overall.

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if it took long is because the others were soooo pro prayers… or were you just flaunting your massive eco instead of attacking asap???

99% percent of games take less than 40 minutes

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well many do like just sitting and booming over combat so that will obviously make games longer


read the thread above. at least 10 or 15% of games 40+min

So…only 15% of games last over 40 minutes?

Meaning you have an 85% chance of wrapping it up sooner and being eligible for Faze clan or whatever the 1v1 community wants.

But most of those games are won by surrender or by the loss of villagers, with the exception of Delih, I want it to be more common to win for sacred places or I want it to be common for the Chinese civilization to lose by distinctive buildings

if game is over 30+ minutes, just resign LOL. why complaining, if you can press resign button.

It will never be common to chineese lose by landmarks. It’s a civ that has 7 landmarks in late imperial.

I’ve seen lot of team games, before the patch that chineese dudes just hidden the landmarks to don’t get snipped.

About sacres places, well it’s true it’s hard to win by, but they also give gold, and the time you control them is giving you more eco advantage. Also, I think a place that can be capturated and in 10 min gives you victory is something that has to be hard, or we will see rushes to capture them if it were easier to win by capturing them.

I agree, therefore I have not suggested that sacred sites do not yield gold or that they are easy to capture.

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Yes, if it takes you over 30 minutes to beat me then you should resign :wink:

If it is modified to pause the sacred places this way of capturing them would be useful

Pro player vs #114