Suddenyl no more key input regognized after swtiching chinese and english layout

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I was using the shift alt windows 10 keycombination to swtich from my german and english keyboard layout in order to put down a town center wih my assgned key z with switches with y on a german keyboard. after i swtiched beetwen suddenly the game did not regognize any click input and key presse, the mose movement was still regoniced but clicks nor working nor. obviosuly this cost me the game

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  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. swichft with shift alt beetwen multiple keyboard layout, i used german, mandarin and english, while trying to build a town center, maybe try select the build town center before but not putting it down on the floor and then switch

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game should regoniyze clicks and keyboard, just like it keept tracking mouse movement

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i jsut saw, this issue has existed, has been reported, and is known for a long time and chinese input switching appears to be the culprint… could you please fix it … Game does not respond to keyboard and mouse input

Hi @Geojak92

I am sad, I could not reproduce your issue. However since many of you have reported it in different post we have created a ticket for further investigation.


We are now tracking this issue (=^▽^=)

It only happened to me twice ever since I got de. Very rare.but thx for investigating

Hi everyone!

Are you still having this issue recently? Or seems fixed?

Hello I did have a game control freeze rececenrly, but that was the infamous diplo menu that many people reported since dlc release. I have not gotten the keyboard switch freeze in a long time.

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hello, i just had the issue today agin. once more because of chiense keyboard.

i was playind and wanted to use my alt z hotkey to select all tcs.

but because i was on german keyboard it didtn use becuase german keyboard switches y and z.

so i click shift alt twice to toggle between keyboard.
and end up with the chiense keyboard

i try my hotkwy, instead a small bar at the top left appears, the one for chinese pinyin auto completing.

so i know it am wrong and i click shift at again to swtich to my last keyboard (i got english german chinese in that order)

now the game doesnt react to anything.

pls fix, 100% not fixed

it might be if you go to chinese, start typing, get the pinying bar and then switch while that bar is still open. now the game didnt register you are not in the pinyin bar anymore and blocked

i tried a bit in skirmish, and i cant even get the pinyin chiense autocomplete bar to show up consistenyl. at first it was there but after some more shift alt switching it dont come up anymore.
i assume there is an udnerlying joint problem

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HI @Geojak92

Is it possible for you to record a video where a keyboard is shown in the screen? So we know the exact steps you are doing.

We tried to reproduce this using Windows + G and we could not reproduce it


i ran into the issue yesterday after the first time palying in a long time, which made me have to resign (actuallt resign doesnt work either) in a 4v4 after just 1 minute waisting everyones time.

then today this issue affected me even in the lobby browser. was in a chinese lobby, wanted to switch imput, somehow couldnt type chinese even after switching nothing would show up when o typed, then i windows key/ alt tabbed to check which keyboard is on. in that moment the banner showed up askimg if i want to downlado the custom sceanrio and trust its content. i was not able to click the accept button or anything.

so this confirms the issue is not just ingame but even in the lobby.

i suggest it might me triggered my tabbing out of them game when switching keyboards

i am sorry i cant tell you how to reproduce it, but i can assure it, the bug is real, has been real for years, and must have ruined games in the thousands over the past 3 years. pls reopen this internal issue…

i was able to reproduce it like described here at first try

swtich to chinse, start typeying, swtich, and lose controle

Hey @Geojak92

Unfortunately we are still unable to reproduce this issue :frowning:
I have tried your steps proposed, as well as variations of them in both the multiplayer lobby and in-game, and no reproductions so far.

Perhaps you could tell us in very precise steps what combination of buttons you press/click? example:
Starting keyboard language: English.

  1. Enter multiplayer lobby.
  2. type something
  3. press windows key + space bar to switch to chinese.
  4. type something in chinese
  5. observe it does not work
  1. Start single player skirmish
  2. Starting keyboard German but English should work too
  3. Enter + start typing, keep it open
  4. Shift + alt to toogle trough keyboards, switch to english, this step might be redundant
  5. Shift + alt to toogle trough keyboards switch to chinese
  6. Type in the still open message some Chinese, at the upper left screen Chinese pinyin to Chinese character appears
  7. Toggle keyboard again while chat is still open while pinyin to Chinese character is still in progress
  8. Lose controle

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info @Geojak92 !