(Suggestion) Apply the ingame chat filter to forum messages

It is just really weird how Microsoft developed this sophisticated AI to filter out slurs, filthy words and obscene numbers, implemented it in among other plattforms into AoE2 Definitive Edition very nicely never causing any issue and then forgets to apply it to a gaming forum of all things, that’s all.


Yeah not sure where you got this idea from. The filter works.

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I don’t think it’s the same though, maybe here some slurs get censored but that’s it. The filter that we have ingame filters much more out and I was posting in this forum months ago when the ingame filter filtered out pretty much everything and never had a problem with sentences getting censored here.

Now, the filter ingame censors a lot less but it still randomly censors some things, for example ''hören" (german for hearing) gets your sentence censored ingame. I suppose the chat filter here is manually set while the one ingame uses machine learning, at least it looks like it since what get’s censored and what not is a bit random and some words also get sometimes censored, sometimes not.

For example recently a sentence by me got censored, I tested the single words to see what got censored and one of the words was censored (got me to the false conclusion that this word was the problem for whatever reason), however, a few minutes later the same word wasn’t censored anymore. It was again however, when I tested writing the “bad” sentence and then the “bad” word again.

Way better in the forums ironically

Which makes me think, why not do the exact opposite of the title? (Apply forum messages chat filter to the game, so at least it works)