Why not use the forum chat filter on the game too?

The topic above is certainly a criticism of the current game filter, I’m aware of that.

But this got me thinking, what if we use the forum chat filter on the game?

It still is taking away freedom of speech, sure. But if the devs are for any reason forced to have a chat filter in the DE, at least implement a working one. So the words like Onager aren’t censored for no reason.

The forum censor still is too strict for my taste; words like ■■■■ (the underworld) and the shortened version of damnation are blocked, among other pg 13 terms.

On the flip side the forum censor also doesn’t care about non-english slurs. Doesn’t seem very balanced to me.
I’d still prefer an option to toggle.


@DankSulphur Please send me examples over private message of non-English slurs that should be censored. This forum is meant for a teen audience and I’m open to suggestions if there are any additional English words censored which you feel should not be.

That’s my preference too, but it seems that’s not an option.

So that’s why I decided to at least use a more working option