[Suggestion] Hotkeys to cancel unit queues

I quit playing league of legends and start playing Aoe2de as a competitive game recently. As a player I want to keep improving myself. The first function can let me focus on other important aspects rather than just keep on clicking cancel. The second function can let me replay my rank matches more efficiently and find out my mistakes I made so I can improve quicker rather than just speed up and wait. Aoe2de will be a great competitive game if these features are added and become another famous competitive game just like league of lengends.


yeah would be great… a massive pain to hunt down erroneous build queues as it is…


Instead of having to move mouse in the part of the UI and click on the icon for a set amount of times, add a hotkey to cancel unit production.

Hotkeys could address

  • Removing one unit from the queue
  • Removing one unit from the queue right after the one that is currently being produced
  • Removing all units from the queue

This is the QoL suggestion that we need instead of auto-queue or auto-scout in the forums.


To add I think it’s possible to do with a modifier

Key 1 - Remove one unit from queue
Shift + Key 1 - Remove all units from queue
Key 2 - Remove one unit after the currently produced one from queue
Shift + Key 2 - Remove all units after the currently produced one from queue

I can do this without a hotkey. Store mouse position, move mouse to the unit queue location, press left click X times, move mouse back to original location. Logitech LUA or something like AHK can do this, but I don’t think they’re looked upon favorably in online play.


I’d like to see shift+click to remove all of one type from queue. This would be in line with shift+click to select all of one type within a selection.


I’ve discussed this feature on this post:

It seens people are not against it.


It buggers me that there is still no hotkey to cancel a queue, be it individually or all buildings at once. If you google search it, you find numerous threads with people having the same problem. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement, should it?

Because the situations where you need it just appears too often. Imagine the enemy is spamming cavalry, so you are spamming Halberdiers. Suddenly he switches to Champions but you still have 15 Halberdiers in queue in EACH barrack. Assuming you have 8+ barracks and now also want to build Champions, you either have the choice to keep producing Halberdiers and lose a lot of ground until finally the Champions hit the end of the queue, OR select every single barrack and left click on every single Halberdier…

“Well don’t queue up 15 times the same unit”… haha yea easily said but practice requires my focus elsewhere and I can’t spend my time with queuing up new units.


If you magnifying glass search this forum, too, you’ll find various threads where people already have the same problem. Better to resurrect one of those threads and comment than start a new thread, imo.

For example, a quick search yielded these threads. You could probably find more…

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Currently, if one misclicks a unit or technology, they first need to left-click its icon from the build que to Go To relevant building, then click again from the buildings local que in order to cancel building/researching it.

Right-clicking any unit/tech icon on the global build que has no function, this could be an added QoL feature to cancel building those units.

It would be useful in scenarios when hitting the pop-cap as well, of deleting qued units when there is no population space for them.


[Suggestion] Hotkeys to cancel unit queues apparently similar suggestion already exists, albeit slightly different. Demand for this feature still remains.

I’ve actually tried many times clicking on the global queue to cancel techs or units, to no avail. xD Would be a nice feature indeed. Although, if you have enough buildings, not all queues are showing up there anyways.


I completely agree with this suggestion. It only has advantages.

ya, i need ESC to cancel build and Tech training like SC2 :thinking:

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ESC brings up the menu, so no

But any other button is fine I guess


@Developers any acknowledgement or progress after a few months?