[Suggestion] More Hotkeys, Options, and miscellaneous

Hello, I thought I’d share some small QOL suggestions for hotkeys and game options, and some other stuff:

  • add hotkey for ungarrisoning out of allied buildings (currently if you garrison in ally building, you can only click a button to ungarrison, hotkey isnt functioning)

  • add hotkey to select all lumber, select all mining camps, select all mills (currently when u press go-to-mill hotkey, it centers your screen on the mill, while if u add a select all mills hotkey, it will be better cos it doesnt center the screen on a mill)

  • OR alternatively add a toggle at options for deciding if go-to hotkeys center screen on the unit when pressed or not (which aoe3 has)

  • also repeating the suggestion for allowing to de-queue units through the training queue(top left) by right clicking: Request: Allow to dequeue units via training Queue by right click

  • allow one more Health bar setting in option, which shows unit HP always on, but excludes Buildings

  • Suggestion for spectating ranked games more easily: Instead of naming every match AUTOMATCH, can we have it like AUTOMATCH(player1)vs(player2)(avg-elo)


we could also use a hotkey for the monk’s Drop Relic button ( to drop relic on the ground, currently it has no hotkey, only the button), can be useful in some small situations like campaigns and also when you wanna convert a unit quickly while u are carrying a relic.

FYI in age of mythology you don’t have to hit the “b” button first to build anything. You just assign a letter and the villager with build it. You can also group a number of different types of military buildings together with an assigned hot key number and queue up units from the assigned hot key without clicking on the different military buildings.

One thing they got right with that game.


Another small hotkeys bug I found:

The king unit from Regicide has the Follow ability, and it even displays a hotkey, but that hotkey is unusable, and you can only use Follow if you click on the follow button.

Thankfully the Drop Relic hotkey has been added in latest July patch.

the bug with king’s Follow hotkey is still present (although its a really minor bug, so I don’t mind much)