Request: Allow to dequeue units via training Queue by right click

Requesting a quality of life feature:

Allow us to dequeue(remove from queue) units or technologies directly from the Training queue on the top left, by right clicking on the icons. Already seen this suggested somewhere months ago but thought I’d refresh the topic again.


For example from this image, allow us to right click any of the buttons, to cancel a unit or queue directly, for example if 2 archers are in the queue, when i right click the button, remove 1 of them from production. if i right click the wheelbarrow, remove it from queue.

If right click isn’t possible, then at least ctrl-click or alt-click or something similar.


That will be good indeed


Worthy suggestion. +1


I like this idea, the only issue is that it does not give you control of where you are producing them from (which structure).

Imagine you have 2 Barracks in different islands, each producing 3 Swordsmen, but you only wanted to produce more form one of them, because the otehr island needed less troops.

It might be a good idea to highlinght on the minimap, which structure you would be producing from, when you click the queue, if this idea is implemented.


I’m not sure if u understood, but i am not asking for a produce feature, i am asking for a feature to remove/cancel a unit from production. Maybe i was a bit unclear with the wording but i fixed it now.

If i right click on a icon of Archer currently being trained, i want to be able to stop it’s production, cancel the unit queue.

Also, there already exists left click functionality for the training queue, if you left click on some of these buttons, it will take you to the corresponding building.


Ideally it would be customizable, so different players could use different key combinations based on their personal preferences.


Can be very useful. Sometimes you need unqueue units, because you need resources or you move production closer to the frontline. Cancel porduction now is timeconsuming.

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Yes, i’ve wanted to do this so many times. Would be a very nice feature to have.

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I really want a hotkey to dequeue units or techs from a building. I find clicking is really inefficient when I cycling multiple buildings really fast.


I still feel like this feature could be very useful. Or at least a hotkey which allows to dequeue units in a building.


This post needs love. I’m not sure though if it should be posted on the “Report a Bug” forum. I normally post feedbacks there.

One of the earlier feedbacks I gave is to add a hotkey for dropping relic. Glad they did it this patch.

Hmm I thought I was also responsible for requesting a Drop Relic hotkey 11, but I guess I was wrong.

Yeah I am not sure if devs read any posts at all which are in the discussion forum. Maybe they only look at bug report posts.

This would be a beautiful quality of life addition!

It’s like an intuitive thing to do, since left click selects the building where items are being processed, and right click, should cancel/deny them.


Just for clarity, these are the icons I am talking about

In order to cancel building a queued unit one must click on the icon which send u to the building, then cancel production.

It would be alot more convenient to just right-click the icon (or shift-click to cancel 5 units at a time). This would help when one accidentally overproduced a unit or builds the wrong units by mistake


I made similar request in May, got 30 likes on the initial post. And someone else also requested before me. I really hope they are taking it all into account.

Heres my post: Request: Allow to dequeue units via training Queue by right click


well I hope we can get the attention of the developers this time


Typical mods, just merging posts to make everyone forget about it. Instead of actually helping the feature request get seen by people, they bury it in a 6 month old thread.

I think they are just being a bit too zealous in trying to keep the forum tidy, I don’t really think they have any reason to bury these suggesionts.

Anyway, let’s bump up this thread, it’s a good idea and it needs some more attention by the devs.

well it’s same topic so no point to have 1000 posts about same thing.


+1, this would be so helpful.

I’d also like the option to remove all units of a certain type from the general queue.

For example, producing skirms from 5 archery ranges and Halbs from 5 barracks.

Do something like CTRL + SHIFT + right click on the halbs to cancel all the halbs from all barracks.

It could event be protected by a mechanic similar to the ‘delete all selected buildings’ popup, optionally asking for confirmation depending on the user settings.

This would greatly tidy up late game play, especially when around max pop.