[SUGGESTION] More precise stats on Statistics graph, please (Mockup of proposed functionality included)

If you go to Yahoo! Finance website and look up a stock symbol’s chart, when you hover over the chart it has a neat mouse-over interaction with precise details about the graph. I’ve always wished AoE2’s stats screen had this or something similar, to show much more detailed/precise info.

I made this quick video mockup to demonstrate how something like that might look in AoE2:DE. (When you hover over graph, it shows precise stats for each civ.) I’d love to see this level of detail, as well as the actual time the line pertains to (HH:MM:SS) at the top of the line I’ve added (which I didn’t include in my mockup).

Note, this is just a basic example ‘proof of concept’ type of thing, to demonstrate. The numbers showing are not accurate; and the video has compression artifacts. I’d trust the devs to implement something more elegant, with better coloring and better semi-transparent backgrounds for the number overlays being added.

Since the game is able to already display a detailed chart, I trust it already knows the exact amounts for each moment in the graph for all civs. It must have this info in its back pocket, but it just doesn’t show them … yet :wink:

Pretty please? :cake: :slight_smile:


I approve

And because i need 20 characters


Wonderful stuff. Still incomprehensible by me how this statistics screen still so awful up to this day.


What do you mean by this part? EDIT: Oh, I think I figurer it out. The forum won’t let you post with less than 20 characters, probably :slight_smile:

Thanks! I wished DE would have a little better detail, too :slight_smile: But they had a lot to do, so I can see why that something like this might have been a back-burner item.

I’ve also always wanted the icons on the graph (the ones that show Age II, III, IV advancements, wonders, and battles) to show timestamps of when they happened.

Oh, I just thought of one reason to maybe not do my idea. Will people steal each other’s strategies? For instance, if you can see a great player got to Age II with 21 villagers, Age III with 27, and Age IV with 42, with military at 1, 5, and 14, respectively, is that a secret recipe that shouldn’t be precisely known by opponents post-game?

Opponents can study these details though replay anyway. Seeing these from statistics would just make this studying easier.


Very good point! Thank you :slight_smile: Truly no need to worry about that, then.

yeah would help alot, another thing that is left over from the game being so old…

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