[Suggestion--rework] 🐄 <Double Purpose Cattle of Europe> 🐑

I don’t think there needs to be a different breed of cattle for every faction, but I did have an idea for a second European cattle type that could be available to nations like Spain and Portugal who can’t train cows and could make for some interesting cards.


  • Can fatten up to 700 food, and have greater health (greater health helps prevent them being sniped, African cattle could also benefit from this)

  • Basically a toned down version of “Big Benny” for European Cattle (Big Benny should also only be shipped 75% fattened, the Prized Bull card is a bit too strong as is)

  • Available from home city cards (would allow Spain and Portugal some limited access to Cattle)



Bullfighting (Spain, Portugal, and possibly Mexico)

  • Ships several Bulls
  • Fully flattened livestock now grant experience when killed
  • Possibly a more specific name and other benefits:
    Matador - Also buffs Explorer (works best for Spain and Portugal)
    Picador - Also ships Lancers with the Bulls


Running with the Bulls (Spain)

  • Ships several Bulls
  • Arrives quickly and increases Settler speed (would be entertaining to watch it go through the Home City)

Rodeo (USA, Mexico, Spanish Revolutions)

  • Ships several Bulls
  • Improves cavalry training time (practice from riding bulls/broncos)