[Suggestions] Idle Farm Glow, Upgrades Overlay, More

mostly QoL features… but while re-entering AoE2 with my family and friends, we have collaborated on some much needed additions to the game: (If anyone can make mods that would offer these changes or know of mods that do, please post them!)

  1. Idle Farm Glow
    *Did you get raided and lose half of your farming eco? Or use your farmers to build something? Or accidentally took villagers off their farms? Farms without villagers should have an indicator telling you they are unmanned so it’s easier to reclaim your farmlands - right now it’s a guessing game amidst the chaos of the ongoing game to see whether or not you’re missing garrisoning a farm or two among tens of them.

  2. Upgrades Overlay In-Game
    *Players should be able to easily see which techs they have and have not researched in their games WHILE PLAYING. As in CaptureAge:

  3. Idle Icons
    *One for Idle TC: [Suggestion] Add UI icon for Idle TC
    *One for Idle Military

  4. Replay Overhaul
    *It’s very antiquated. Needs a time bar (to rewind and fast forward) at the least and better fog of war options, better gui, better keybinds at the best.

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1-3 seems pretty good. For 2: Only see your own techs, not those of allies fo enemies.

I think 1-3 should already be moddable. So maybe people can already mod this. In the future it might be turned into a official mod.

For 4: Yeah, i would like to see more options for replays as well. But i dont know how easy it is. Maybe it means they have to rework the full replay mode.

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  1. Would be nice. The (lazy) way I do it is to select all idle villagers and to right click a farm. They will move to all available farms, and afterwards, you select the remaining idle villagers and move them to another resource. But your method would be a bit better.

  2. You can already see that in the tech tree while playing, but obviously that isn’t the quickest way. I solve that by having the typical upgrade buildings (Lumber Camp, Mill, Blacksmith,…) under the F keys. This way, you can quickly toggle the different buildings to see the techs you have researched. Your method would also make sense though.

  3. I don’t think this would be that useful, but perhaps for new players, yes.

  4. Yes please!! The replay function was fine for 1999 (AOE1 didn’t have it and still doesn’t) but this feature could be so much better.

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Yes to all
I would add icons with all your units like in CA too… Of course only for Your units and optional for your allies units

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