Swedes don't have a consulate option for Asian civs like the rest

china has a very useful consulate for lategame, while india has 4 settlers. i think that sweden should go to India, removing portuguese (who use them??). the shipments could be 1) mine (good for karni mata) 2)drummers (india hasnt any arsenal upgrade) 3)better splash for cavalry(?)
the passive bonus could be cheaper upgrades. (france boost everything, its not need a estate boost)

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Seems fair enough, India and China both can use this,

Yep, but china has 4 usefull allies already, they dont need more

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I think that unlike China, India doesn’t need any more buffs. This would be the perfect opportunity to give China some reliable goon anticav that it desperately needs.

Devs please do not forget about this, I understand that it was an oversight at first but there is still time to correct this. It would come a long way as a part of updating previous TAD content to DE context.

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reality is that sweden didn’t have a presence in Asia. they tried to establish a single factory in India but it was basically immediately destroyed.

while i wouldn’t be opposed to more consulate options or changes, i dont think Sweden honestly is an option, they just didn’t really have a presence.

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I suggest you read the hole thread and the links provided for more information.

the consulate and all the consulate civs were made in like, 2007/2008 , and sweden was added in 2020, its not an oversight its simply that sweden didn’t exist at the time when the asian civs were added… by about 12 years


i did read it. there is also this to read:

i guess you could argue china? but just without any treaty ports.

i mean the swedish east india companies history is fairly detailed it seems but it is also worth noting that by the end they were trade convoys more so than colonial efforts.

seria legal a índia pelos menos ter alguma tecnologia para ter um arsenal mais só com as tecnologia do arsenal avançado ou ter acesso para treino de canhãos de couro

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Hey Dansil, I understand what you are saying. I am aware of that information and what I meant was that the oversight comes from the following. 1. All European civs had a Consulate version for Asian civs when introduced. 2. DE introduces the Swedish (Europeans of course). 3. The consulate wasn’t updated to DE changes to continue with the original mechanic mentioned in ‘‘1’’.

Similar oversights have happened with other DE changes like making a lot of merc shipments infinite in Age IV for Europeans so that they become more attractive cards, while the equivalent shipments remain untouched for Asian civs.

Actually the British, French, Russians and US played the bigger role to the late Qing period of China. Compare to them, Germans or Swedish just not such an important choice, even less than the Dutch and Portuguese. Both of them were too late or insignificant to influence in the Far East. In my opinion, the option of Germans at the Chinese consulate should even be replaced with the Chinese Isolation, which keeps the bonus of cheaper banner armies. We should adjust the Chinese itself rather than just adding an option at its consulate if we wanna buff it.

BTW, if we also add the Dutch into the Indian consulate…

  • J → P, D, S, J
  • C → B, F, R, C
  • I → B, F, P, D, O

Japanese would share 2 allies to Indians, so as Chinese.
Each Asian civ would have 1 unique European ally.
Japanese and Chinese would have their own Isolation, Indians could not isolate but get more options. (Indians still choose up to only four allies.)
It would be very symmetrical for me.


Yet another Asian upside which shouldn’t be in the game.

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Has Sweden historically set foot in Asia?

I suggest you look at the source of the original post for reference. Short answer is yes, but it’s not a well-known fact.

To be fair (but not saying that I personally want it) adding a US consulate to China and Japan would make more historical sense than adding a Swedish one to China. However, from a gameplay standpoint it could make some sense to add either one of them, but there are a myriad potential balance issues to consider before settling on the list of specific benefits such these consulate alliances would offer.

The consulate should REWORK as Tribute system, notably China, Joseon, Japan, Vietnam.
Should focus in Asian states SINCE DAY 1, if you want to ally with European states at least move some of them(German, US) to Industrial Age, and NOT MAKE THEM UNIQUE available for certain Asian civ due to these European states(Portugal, Dutch, Dutch, Spain) all have MUCH business relation with mostly Asian civ.

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Well… you mean, make it similar to the age advance of African civs, choose surrounding allies, and then have to wait until the late game to choose the strong European allies?

However, I think the current mechanics are also good. Many European countries arrived in Asia very early, and the design of the exports is in line with the relationship between Europe and Asia at the time.

Furthermore, exports are not inherently the same as influence. The consulate allies are more like auxiliary and the alliance of African civilizations is more like the main axis of strategy. It would be nice to have the consulate open to all allies from the start, and choose as needed.

What I mean is allow them access each other’s units due to East Asian cultural sphere.

Just some of them, read detailed.
And its make sense for timeline.

Since you mention it, every Asian civ should allow to access more European Medieval units(Pikeman, Crossbowman, Halberdier), not as current mechanics unique to certain Asian civ while others only access gunpowder army.

My mistake, they should separate the Consulate with East Asian cultural sphere, notably Tributary system of China.
Thanks for remind.

I mean, the change you’re looking for is basically very similar to the African set of mechanics.
Choose allies (tributary states) and enjoy their units and technology, Stronger countries (usually Europeans) appear in the industrial age.

Because of the way Allies are designed.
The same ally gives the same. Portuguese allie would not inconsistently supply Japanese crossbowmen and Chinese cassadors, just because the Portuguese (assumed) arrived earlier in Japan and later in China.

I think if you want to see the Chinese using Vietnamese or Korean units, or the Japanese using Ryukyu units, the easiest way is to bring in Vietnamese, Korean, Ryukyu, etc. units as natives or mercenaries. Then allows them to pay something for shipping them from the home city, just like the mercenary and native unit cards of European civilization.

In this way, you don’t have to go to great lengths to develop a new mechanic, don’t have to consider balance so much.