Thank god for 2 hour refund on Steam. You're zoom level sucks and you ignored feedback

Seems that I stated the point in the topic header.


They didn’t ignore the feedback as they in fact increased the zoom out level thanks to the feedback that was sent in from the beta client. Now if you still don’t like the change then that’s your right and your opinion but don’t come here and spread lies that they “ignored” the feedback and didn’t do “anything” because that’s simply not true.


Congrats on the refund?
Would be cool if you actually explained what you wanted from the zoom instead of just gesturing that “it sucks”.


Lmao grouchy one aren’t you?

Let me hit you with the same energy then. If you don’t own the game and don’t like it. Stay off this forum.
Its clearly not for you.


Ah yes, im trolling you by simply asking you to be constructive with your crappy low effort post.


Don’t feed the troll


Im sorry but it seems you are utterly incapable of actually talking.

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Seems okay to me. adding more words for 20 letters

That’s like saying the game should be like AoE 2 DE and limit all players to the fps of the worst performing PC in the game. Should your opponent be limited to 10fps if that is all your PC can do?

What about people who have 4:3 monitors, should people with 16:9 monitors have black bars on the sides to level the playing field when they play against a player who only has a 4:3 screen?

E-sports in general don’t limit the benefit of better hardware. The only exception I’m aware of is that some games don’t allow wider than 16:9 aspect ratio monitors to show a wider field of view.

Out of interest, does AoE 4 allow someone with a 21:9 or 32:9 monitor to see more of the map?


Then upgrade your monitor or PC or both.


We’re talking about specifically the zoom out issue that WILL occur if we have people playing on different zoom out levels and that will impact the game-play and will create both advantages and disadvantages for players depending on their hardware.

Players that can zoom out for example 10 times more than their enemy player can see much better, have better map control, need to move around less to do the same or more actions per minute, see ambush attacks much faster otherwise not visible with 10 times less zoom out, etc etc. How is that not a balance issue?

I’m fairly sure that this is probably the biggest reason as to why they don’t want to increase the zoom level even further, especially if they want to support competitive games were it’s crucial that everyone has the same advantages/disadvantages.

Again, I respect everyone’s opinion and that people want to play more zoomed out but we have to think about everyone here, and the best way to “balance” all of this is to make it fair for everyone, even if that means that some are unhappy that they can’t zoom out more than what is available right now. Don’t you wish for fairness for everyone? Let the skill decide who wins a match and not the hardware advantages over others?

Playing on a 21:9 monitor, yes.
So that argument is bs anyway.

The game was designed this way for performance, sound design and immersion.

Since the beta people want to have a treb and its target in the same frame, so that would be a start.

When playing the campaign missions like Wallingford force you to pan around from one wall section to another to see the attacker. If I could at least tilt…


I shouldn’t need to upgrade my hardware just to be able to zoom out 10 times more and because otherwise it give me disadvantages.

As long as I can run the game that should be enough, nothing more.

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No, you won’t recognize any unit type that way and surely can forget mikro.

It is useful to get an overview and to give orders like wall building that span larger spaces.

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My should my gameplay be limited by your hardware?


I’ve been one of those people since the beta yeah I agree.
The problem is OP just refuses to explain anything they want and just came here to say “i refunded and i think the zoom sucks”

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That’s what they seem to imply here with “not enough zoom”? Unless they are more specific about it which they aren’t?

Realistically, though, we all know exactly what they meant, which is they want to be able to zoom out more.


Why should I be to an disadvantage because you have better hardware? How about we find a common ground as it is now for fairness? It’s not only about you, it’s about everyone who play this game.


Who should be in a disadvantage should be that people that wants this game on Xbox (because it supposedly can be played with keyboard and mouse) :smiley: