The Alt+F4 Multiplayer Problem

If that was your fear you wouldn’t disagree with me since i want a seperate queue with seperate elo.

if there were a seperate arabia queue you would also make a seperate elo, that just makes elo more accurate of a representation of your skill in the selected queue. Because it would stop the arabia players from playing the system it would also make the other elo more accurate, add a arena queue too and you have an even more accurate elo.

You literally have a choice to play the game you want to.

I dont care if there is a seperate que. The problem is you are abuse the current que.

Do you really have a choice, i just liked this game more than every other game, never decided to like it more than others, it just happened. So if i want to play the game i like the most, i have no choice.

yes, it gets abused bc there is no alternative solution right now, and the seperate queues and elo would be such a solution. These people would also prefer to just queue once, belive me.

Then we would all be happy instead of just you. wouldn’t that be wonderful?

why are you so insistent on suggesting a time penalty that just annoys people even more that don’t like the current system instead of a alternative that would solve your problem and theirs?

The time penalty is being suggested because every other idea is being attacked for:

  1. not being an arabia-only queue by the arabia crowd or
  2. for rewarding childish behavior that is ALT-F4 by adding unlimited bans

I, for one, am totally okay with a time penalty if we’re not going to fix the elo system by categorizing maps and separating their ratings. I think it’s a worse solution than simply fixing the problem by making the system better and more accurate, but at least it cuts down the abuse of what we’ve currently got.

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I agree, doing something might be better than doing nothing, but why not do it right if you are gonna do it. It’s also not just an Arabia problem, i have had people alt f4 on arabia aswell.

If we add the time penalty, we also have to punish early quitting or the problem just shifts by a minute and gets even worse. Or we just try to solve the Problem instead of the Symptom which might be less work in the end.

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You can literally set up an arabia only game in the lobby. That is a choice you just dont like it.

Early quitting already costs rating, so it has it’s own punishment ascribed to it, but yeah, leaving within the first five minutes or so would probably have to carry the same penalty for it to be effective.

I don’t think a timeout is a clean solution by any stretch, but it’s a common tactic in a lot of games, and how I see it, having something temporary to solve the problem now while we work on a permanent solution that fixes the underlying problem isn’t a bad route to take so long as the process doesn’t end there out of laziness or “good enough”-ism. Further, I think it sends the proper message to those who do alt-f4, we do want to curb that behavior generally, so a timeout could be instrumental for that.

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again this argument, it’s worthless.
a unranked Lobby is not the same as a ranked matchmaking system, if it were you would go there to not run into the alt f4 problem again, but you don’t. Because it’s a different thing that can’t replace the other.

Why is lobby browser not a solution to your alt f4 problem then? if it’s the same, just go there. this is a choice you just don’t like.

Or would you say it’s ok to have only an arabia queue and the rest gets played in the lobby? no you won’t, so don’t try to use that argument on others.


i Agree completely.
But jea, the elo penalty is not enough it would have to be elo and time in the first 5 minutes

But then again, couldn’t people just go pee and get a drink and then quit, wasting even more time and not get punished?

Literally the difference is being ranked against other players. Its knowing that going up means you are improving.

Same as the reason above. We are playing to be ranked against other player across a rm setting.

You could easily make the argument that you need a seperate ladder for your map. I dont care about that and support you for it. I do not support alt f4 at all. Your argument is that you alt f4 because there is no other option. We are providing the option you just dont want it.

If that is how the game went then i would work towards getting more maps added. I wouldn’t join a que that doesn’t support the content i want to play and then quit because i dont get my way. I dont even see how that would make sense.

The main suggestion is a progressive time penalty. Fist time no penalty (this protects accidentally drop) then an increase with each quite eventually you could have several hours

And then people like you would come and say the immensly informed words: WhY dOnT yOu Go To ThE lObBy BrOwSeR.

your progressive time penalty would fail if people get into the game, and leave then. and if you make it after 2 minutes of play the time penalty ends, then they just wait 2 minutes before they quit.

But i wouldn’t be trrying to quit games in a ladder

I would probably have it last 10mins. I can’t think of a reason you could lose that quickly in a ranked game

Realistically you get the elo penalty then

No, the difference is it is ranked, and it is matchmaking. Those are two very relevant differences.

The arabia players are also playing to be ranked against other players across the rm arabia 11. that’s why they can’t go to the lobby browser either. And yes my argument was this whole time that it needs a seperate ladder (queue and elo) to solve the problem (or unlimited bans), and not a time punishment for the symptom (aka Altf4).

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How are they being ranked against the others playing other maps?

Once again you can ask for your own ranked ladder. No problem there. The problem comes when you ruin other players games because you didnt get your way. That is literally the problem people are having.

The vast majority of players want to play Arabia in a ranked competitive setting almost all the time they have to play this game. Very few want anything else. It’s not ruining other people’s games if the Devs implement something the vast majority wants in the game. Lots of interesting points here. Lots more issues will arise from a time penalty situation we need specific queues where everybody can be happy or at least the vast majority is happier for it


If you haven’t noticed no one here is arguing against a separate que or unlimited bans. The only thing we are against is alt f4 because you didnt get your way. Yes you are ruining other peoples games when you quit before they get to play.

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