The curious case of AoE 4 graphics (lots of screenshots)

I’m going to assume for your sake that you’ve picked up 3DE since your post on Jan 30th where you couldn’t differentiate AoE3 legacy from 3DE and now are far more knowledgeable about graphical details other than just looking at a few screenshots people have posted here. I mean, it would be quite disingenuous to form such a concrete opinion on a game you haven’t played let alone compare it to an entirely different game like CoH3.


Are you telling me the Steam store promotional materials for the game are inaccurate?

People don’t need to own the game to have an opinion on it. This was made abundantly clear to me by people who didn’t pick up Age IV for one reason or another.

I got confused between two screenshots which focused on the water rendering more than any other aspect of the graphics. Kinda rich to talk about “disingenuous” if this is how you’re choosing to portray that confusion.

And like I said, that’s just my opinion. Are you saying my opinion is wrong?

I’m not sure we’re looking at the same screenshot. If you’re exaggerating for emphasis, this isn’t going to help people understand.

You are all very welcome. 20 characters.

I’d be fine with that!

If someone thinks it’s silly that I prefer how CoH 3 looks, or even for thinking it looks technically superior, that’s fine.

I hope you’d be the same. Much like how I don’t think you’d like it if someone suggested you were being disingenuous. Nor would you if someone told you that because you don’t own a game, you can’t have an opinion on it.

A general opinion yes. You need to have played the game or at least watched a bunch of game play for a valid opinion on graphics.

Not inaccurate but you cannot base a valid opinion of game graphics of an aoe game off of steam promotional pictures.

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for you but everyone who left and are reporting here no

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The same goes for Age IV, and yet I remember people getting very irate when they were told they needed to play the game for X hours first.

(not by me, I’ve never really been a playtime gatekeeper - games cost money upfront, it’s silly to suggest people need to buy it before they know it’s not for them)

Honestly everyone I have seen who criticized AoE 4 had played it, a lot of them extensively. And no one was doing that here at this time to AoE 4, you were doing it to AoE 3 de.

True, I’m not going to complain about a game I don’t own or play.

I mean, all I’ve said is “I disagree CoH 3 has worse graphics”. Does everyone here own CoH 3? Are we going to insist on playtime requirements for Age IV for everyone who participates in every thread? :sweat_smile:

It’s silly, right?

We’re only talking about CoH 3 because someone linked it to praise it.

We were talking about the textures on units. Soldiers have a lot o details.

If AoM RT comes to have better graphics than AoE 4 I’m going to laugh too hard…


laugh more if they manage with bang engine

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Of course… AoM with the graphics of 3 DE can be very good…

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I wonder if bugs should be included in this thread. For instance, there are various of visual issues that have been complained about since late 2021. Some are simple in nature and extremely simple to fix, while others are obviously more problematic–but, it all taints the presentation of the game, and has been doing so for way too long.

Here are some examples

Traction Trebuchet is wonky, suspect that thread is meant to reset the trebuchet but also be invisible

Spearman’s spears of Mongols, China, French are misportrayed–only shows true asset when “charging”

Siege units do not follow terrain, except for the newest Great Bombard. Look how different they look.

Streltsy is all kinds of messed up (suspect the axe handle is meant to be longer, using both weapons at once)

Pale reverse grid when selecting buildings, so subtle and clouds the saturation of the game

Mongol stables’ UV or textures have been wrong since launch–Look at the other production buildings for ref.

Mongol packed buildings feature wheels that spin but no animation nor sound like siege

Wooden Fortress emplacements display the wrong emplacement

Mongol packed building flag in the wrong direction

Again, supposedly these are just bugs and many have been “addressed” as being on very low priority which at the moment I feel means will never be fixed, despite how much these interfere with the visual fidelity of the game. Overall, quality is just lacking and you can tell the developers were either pressed for time or manpower.

Heres a bonus I put together.


AoEIV got 16 hours out of me. The majority of people critical of AoEIV have actually played it. Those that haven’t and just hate on it for whatever reason should be utterly dismissed. Haven’t encountered many of those for a long time now, though. There are a few things in AoEIV I give merit to, in fact as I’ve said in another thread I think masteries are great and would love to see them in 3DE.

It’s okay. It was admittedly a cheap shot, although the fact you couldn’t recognize legacy vs vanilla is not a shocker. Quite typical, actually, which isn’t the game’s fault. The UI more than the graphics in that picture was the dead giveaway.

Just uninformed. Maybe a bit biased idk.

The thing with AoM/AoE3 players is they’ve played all the AoE games extensively and gravitated to those two games because they’re different. I love AoE2DE but no longer feel the desire to play it, though continue to support it by buying DLCs. Not like it needs my help but whatever. I got mad love for my Teutonic Knights.


Although I love AoE 3, I love AoE 2 campaigns…

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Yep! True.
Many people tried AOE4 and felt something else, it was not AOE, it was more of a different game.
The UI is boring as it has no pictures, no life, nothing!
Graphics is a complete downgrade from what most people saw from the very 1st trailer, and building vs unit size also turned many people off.
All of my friends who play AOE franchise games agree on one thing. And that is “AOE4 is not fun”
It is too repetitive, the units too clunky, horrible attack animations (especially horsemen and elephant tusks), movements, very few unique units, few Gaia, and no life and soul in this game. It just feels so empty.
AI’s don’t have leader names, and more! I can type 1 million words about why AOE4 is so bad.

It is no secret, that 90%+ players already left the game to die, they were mostly disappointed and it sucks.


This is an excellent post, I hope the devs are aware.

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ye, mentally preparing for a bloodbath if i’m honest, ik too well what bang! can put out

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not in peak hours