The definitive list of what needs to be balanced

just want to start by saying that DE is an amazing improvement over legacy AoE3 and the balance is almost there. it just needs a few tweaks:

-remove Svea Lifeguard. It’s just a ridiculous, game-breaking “I Win” button. Just give Sweden skirmishers in age 4 or something, and get rid of trainable jaegers too since they are basically redundant and no one uses them. No upgrade cards, they don’t need an insane skirm, just something like what spain gets.

-fix infinite 6 mams. Either make it a 1 time shipment, or reduce the number to like, 4 mams maybe.

-Yabusames are just ridiculous units. Right now yumi+yabusame is an unbeatable 2-unit composition. 2 unit compositions should always lose to 3 unit compositions if all things are equal, but this isn’t the case. Japan has so many insane units already, they should just be forced to counter artillery with flaming arrows. Either make Yabus only counter artillery and not cav, or only cav and not artillery. Or something. Probably just make them into a cav archer type unit, and reduce their absurd 50% range resist.

-Somehow change town militia card for ports only. Maybe put it on a timer like USA has, so they can’t call multiple batches from several TCs. Or explicitly nerf it for Ports only-- maybe make it so they have to send two cards, one for the big batch of MM and one for the increased TC fire

-nerf monitors against artillery. this could be for all civs though. But when youve lost water, the only way to counter Ports on water is to push their base with artillery, and it’s ridiculous that monitors on the coast can deny artillery so easily, and without any way to counter it. Maybe just make monitors like mortars, only useable against buildings.

-revert the sneaky nerfs to aztec that reduced coyote and otontin slinger shipment numbers in age 2. The civ needs some love. The patch that buffed them was fine. Buff the warchief slightly.

that’s it. the game would be in a great state at the competitive level if these changes happened.

please do not add any other suggestions we don’t want to overwhelm the devs, these are the best ideas, do not argue, will not be reading replies ty gg ez out


YES Please! This is a great list and I find almost everyone can agree with.

If these changes happen, it goes a long way in balancing the game.


I ve heard Yabusames are rather underwhelming, but lol Ashis are way stronger and busted due to their speed


Against cav, yabusame are nothing special, relatively average but against artillery, yabusame have the range of a skirmisher, and they to 8x dmg to artillery before the card. I am Turk vs kaiserklein took place today and Turk completely dominated Kaiser’s culvs and falcs without needing any artillery of his own, the other benefit is that they have 50% range resist, meaning skirms can’t effectively counter them.


the problem is not just the unit itself, it’s the combination. yabu+yumi is uncounterable. You need skirmishers to kill yabus, but yumi dominate every other skirmisher unit in the game. The main counters to yumis are hand cav and artillery, but yabus counter BOTH of those extremely well, which is why they are ridiculous units. Most other civs need culvs + dragoons to counter hand cav and artillery. Japan already has a perfectly good counter to artillery which is flaming arrows. These arrows are also good at siege and killing infantry so it’s very telling that players don’t even bother with them. Not to mention yabu’s 50% range resist which means that while skirmishers will eventually kill yabus, it takes much longer, giving yumis all the time they need to shred you.

ashis are also quite strong but they have their limitations as part of a composition, which is more balanced.


3 unit compositions are rarely effective and usually lose to 1 or 2 unit compositions. In this case, a 2unit composition (yumi and yabu) should 100% lose against a mass of skirmishers. Yumi may be on equal footing with Skirmishers after all cards are sent, but yabu are dead weight against anything that’s not artillery. So if you get equal pop skirmishers, focus the yumi first while ignoring the yabu.

Hand cavalry destroys the svea lifeguard caroleans. I don’t see this as a balance issue. The caroleans may get 1-2 shots off, but once in melee, they dead.

So you want to nerf the only time town militia card is actually useful? Sending it typically hurts the port boom in age 2, as they waste a card for what could have been a gold or food shipment. Just baiting them into sending it is a pretty huge setback for ports.

Just fight back against the monitors. Culverins, horse artillery, and heavy cannons have big multipliers against ships.A typical batch of horse artillery can easily sink ships. Also research heated shot for armory.

The nerfs were supposed to stop aztecs from dominating with age 2 rushes. What aztecs need is buffs in age2 booming.


Well if u dont wanna read suggestions why not just write an e Mail to the devs


Ok dev will nerf aztec and port (only).

These complaints to Japan and Sweden were raised by many people since de released.

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Hand cavalry also shred dragoons if they can get that close due to no melee resist :rofl: Any mass of heavy cav that charges 50+ caroleans will die like flies before any meaningful damage can be done. I say drop carolean base resist down to .20 like normal musketeers then make Svea Lifeguard cost resources to send like 2000 food for Old Han Reforms in TAD.

Getting 2 monitors with control of the pond is basically a GG button in of itself.
After watching several pro streamers (Haitch) (Aizamk) get nuked by monitors I believe a medium negative multiplier against artillery would be a great change. That way the monitors could still target artillery, but they wouldn’t be able to one shot 6 imperial light cannons.


Culverins make short work of monitors, or at least they can zone them pretty easily.

What might be needed is a buff to anti ship attack of structures. They used to be pretty scary until offshore support card was added.

In the games I watched recently Haitch made 50+ light cannons which are basically culvs, they couldn’t get within a mile of the coastline before the explorer spyglass + long range monitor shot eviscerated them. I propose only doing a small to medium negative multiplier vs artillery, which would still keep monitors viable vs artillery, they just wouldn’t be OP vs artillery.

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You do realize this is a one time deal, and it was mostly luck based, right? you can’t use spyglass whenever you want, it has a cool-down. And you have really no idea if you’re gonna hit something with them.

Its outrageous how Svea Lifeguard continues to get ignored by the devs. Just because every Sweden game doesn’t end with Sweden sending this card doesn’t mean its not completely overpowered and stupid design.

The fact that the devs take time and nerf cards like Old Dynasty Reforms for China but leave Svea Lifeguard alone makes no sense at all and is a terrible sign. And don’t argue about Treaty. This card is always being used if Sweden gets to Age IV regardless of what gamemode because its an “I win button”.

Also Portugal is completely busted with how much tempo they get due to 10/10, ATP and/or Water booming. Portugal doesn’t need to build a single military unit until Age 4 because they simply ship their unique Colonial Militia card. The civ is way too save, has way too much tempo considering their insane economy.


What about reducing Ports’ number of big pop militiamen to 14?

Also torp kill XP reaaally needs to be raised from 50 to something like 81 like Brit manors.

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Old Han Reforms used to be the win button for Chinese if the game prolongs to Industrial, and got nerfed.
Svea Lifeguard is a similar card but stronger…still not nerfed.


I disagree with this.

Sometimes I like to play on maps like Amazônia and Caribbean, because I like the huge naval battles that takes places on those maps.

And the main issue is: If someone makes 3 culverins, you already can’t land on your opponent island, or else you just gonna lose all your ships for the culverins fire. This is worst when your opponent build outposts/town centers alongside the shoreline, because those also kills your ships.

So you need something that is able to kill the culverins/artillery and outposts/town center/docks on the shore line from the sea, and this unit is the Monitor, that kills artillery and buildings, but they do die to other ships. You suppose to make ships against Monitors, not artillery or outposts/town centers/docks.

If Portugal turns out to be too strong on the water, (Which I don’t think it is right now) than nerf Portugal water presence. The monitor is a essential tool for naval battles.

I like the Jaegars as a solution to Sweden late game lack of skirmishers.

And I wouldn’t say that the Spanish skirmishers is “simple” when they can get such a major buff from the Unction. They rightly don’t have cards upgrades or major guard/imperial upgrades because of the enormous aura buff that the missionaries can provide is already good enough.

I do agree with:

  • Yabusame 50% range resistance is excessive.

  • Portugal players should not be able to wait 10 minutes in the game before having to build an army.

  • Infinite shipments generally are worth less resources than the ones that you can send only once, but it’s not the case with the Sweden Mameluke shipment. So it should be either send once or have the quantity reduced.

And finally, I don’t have a formed opinion about Svea lifeguard and the Aztecs units shipment nerfs.

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Another idea would be to make port cm
( and all cm but it really only effects port )
Only be able to call from one tc

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The pond problem is a whole separate thing.

In my opinion, all the ponds on the game should be made of the water that does not allow ships or docks in, so they just act like choke points.

The idea of a huge frigate/monitor stuck on a small pond is just always seemed silly to me.

EDIT: They could also only allow small non military ships on the ponds to move units around on it, and even maybe add some fish on the ponds like in Age of Mythology.
But I don’t know, the idea of a huge military ship stuck on a pond always seemed silly to me. Like, how this even gonna maneuver?

Monitors are in the game to kill defensive buildings and artillery along the shoreline. A negative multiplier against those things would make them a literal purposeless unit.

Monitors killing Haitch’s light cannons are only doing their job as a counter to artillery. They need to be destroyed by other ships, not land artillery.

Yabushe arent strong. They do good against arty but are pretty vulnerable. Also the way to counter this is just to make eithe same combo of skirm dragoon and otherwise just make skirms only. Way more cost effective.

If jeagers arent used much why remove them for Swedes? No reason is there to do that. Svea liveguard is okay? I mean if you look at total increase caroleons get via home city is like 3-4 cards, pretty regular for unique units. Maybe make it 20% instead of 25.

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3 unit compositions are rarely effective and usually lose to 1 or 2 unit compositions. In this case, a 2unit composition (yumi and yabu) should 100% lose against a mass of skirmishers. Yumi may be on equal footing with Skirmishers after all cards are sent, but yabu are dead weight against anything that’s not artillery. So if you get equal pop skirmishers, focus the yumi first while ignoring the yabu.

this invalidates the rest of your post. All things being equal, 3 unit compositions dominate the game. Hussar+dragoon+skirm will always beat skirm+dragoon. Musket+artillery+hussar will always beat musket+hussar or musket+artillery. Skirm+dragoon+artillery or skirm+dragoon+hussar SHOULD beat yabu+yumi, but it doesn’t because yumi already shred small amounts of hand cav and yabus counter cav and artillery very well. If the only thing that can beat yabu + yumi is FULL skirmisher then you know the combo is broken, because no one makes full skirmishers in a 1v1 game. If you do, you have already lost. For one, yumis will still trade decently vs skirmishers, and two, all the Japan player needs to do is mix in 10 naginata and he will clean your entire army. The idea that the only viable way to counter yabu+yumi is to go full skirmisher is proof that this composition is broken.