The definitive list of what needs to be balanced

They don’t. the current dominant unit combo is dragoon + skirmisher (which is what yumi + yabu essentially are). 3 unit compositions work against other 3 unit composition, but because of population inefficiency, unless one of the 3 unit types is artillery, there is no point in triple mixing, cause a 2 unit or a 1 unit will always beat them.

if you just run the units at eachother, then maybe. but if you micro even a tiny bit, 3 unit compositions will always win, because you will get much harder counters. Skirm goon loses to skirm goon huss, because hussars counter skirmishers very hard. Musk+huss loses to musk+skirm+huss, because skirmshers counter muskets very hard.

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exactly, why would skirm, dragoon, artillery or skirm, dragoon, huss be better vs yumi/yabu. In both cases the dragoons are taking up pop and res and do not counter either of the units, artillery will last 1 second as well so literally just a waste of res. Would be far better to just pure skirm huss and have more of each unit. Yabu are not that great vs cav and skirms counter them even with the high rr yabu are extremely expensive units and huss easily beat yumi.

It is useless to send email to dev, I tried that before.

Here I listed some points those many people complained many times in many posts but dev keep ignoring:
Svea lifeguard shouldn’t change carolean to range resistance;
Ashi reduce speed;
Torps and shrines reduce HP;
Herd reduce movement frequency;

#Last point gets almost 100% people agree and that’s what I emailed to dev for wish.

Here I listed some points those only few people complained once or twice in one or two posts but dev adjusted at once.
Oprichnik reduce siege attack;
Church reduce construction time;

We don’t know why well-known OP as Japan and Swede, with many people complained, dev ignored.
We don’t know why well-known UP as Russia, with few people complained, dev did action very quickly.
Even no relationship to balance as herd movement and church construction time, dev always gave unexpectable feedback.

This is what dev tell us “We read the threads posted here on a daily basis and we take them seriously”.

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please stop muddling the waters with all this other nonsense. the list i have posted is the definitive list of things that need to be changed, its in the title

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yes my lord.


Lol :joy::joy::joy:

Buy the rights of the game and then do the **** that you want with it.

Until then, this is a public forum, stop pretending it’s not and that it’s an “error of the sistem”.

The game is not yours, and you don’t just a topic where you say what the game should be, with little to none argument, and impose your will on everyone else.

Like, only you are right, and everyone else is wrong no matter what…

This is a pretty much a childish behavior.


@squamiger8043 and @firstaim7016

I sincerely don’t know if you guys are have NPD or are gentle trolling us. :thinking:

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Complain dev is serious.
Reply to 8043 is trolling.

I think I already told you on other topic, but read the patch notes:

The developers did nerfed Japan, nerfed Sweden even further, and buffed Russians on the recent patches.

That’s why I think you are either complaining for no reason, or trolling us.

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I know but please read clearly what I wrote.

Dev nerfed Japan or Sweden before doesn’t matter what I wrote, no conflict.
I can’t remember dev nerfed Japan but I know clearly they nerfed Sweden.

I was not writing dev have nerfed them or not.

May be put it simple way and take one as an example.

Many people complain Ashi should reduce speed, yes or no. Do dev have any reaction.
Same apply to other points.
I am not talking should or not here.

Ok, then you acting like a narcissistic person.

The points that you claim that people unanimously complain about are not unanimously complained about.

Every post complaining about Japan/Sweden there are people that agree and disagree. You are just ignoring the opinions of people that disagree with you and ordering that the developers do the game your way.

I for one, disagree with reducing torps and shrines HP since they are easily siegeable with a few pikeman (Unlike Advance trade posts, if you ask me), and I don’t really care about herd movement frequency. And I don’t have opinion on the other two points.

You cannot just ignore opposing opinions to yours and demand that the dev team do what you want.


So what I said is truth or not.
Please don’t assess me.

You don’t agree Sweden and Japan is your own issue.

You can turn right even all people turn left, no conflict.

But is not everyone that is turning left like you are claiming.

Every topic that people complain about Sweden/Japan there are people that agree and disagree. Saying that everyone agrees that this 2 civilizations needs nerfs is plainly not true. There are disagreements in every topic that is posted.


This is not demand dev what I want, this is many people’s expectation but dev keep ignoring.
Sounds this is only my problem.
Why don’t you view the forum to see how many posts requiring nerf Ashi speed.

Please explain why dev nerf Oprichnik with only one post and many people disagreed.

Please explain why dev adjust church with only one post but not herd movement with many posts even this is NOT RELATED TO BALANCE.

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I do view the forum and I know there are people complaining about it. But I also see people that disagree. Do you also see the people that disagree with you?

This is silogysm, since you are taking a speculation that you have as a fact.

You based on what the claim that the developers nerfed that because of that post?


Let me show you how many posts people requiring herd adjustment.

Church construction time with only one post.

You can keep giving excuse as you like, what you wrote is only aim on me, “you don’t see, you this and that. you are narcissistic”, seems this is only my problem.

I left this game and just want to complain this dev.
When talking to issue not related to balance then you said you don’t care.
Again you can not see the post I shared that required for nerfing opri with how many disagreement. Sounds only protector will disagree sweden and Japan nerf.

Obvious Sweden and Japan protectors. Lets stop this meaningless talk. you just have personal evaluation on me. Many people are talking the same point and this becomes only my problem in you speech. Funny.


I agree that monitors should be able to kill buildings and that ponds are bad, I still think monitors should do reduced damage to artillery, don Artie litterally killed 3 falcs or Kaiser in a single monitor shot :rofl:

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I never said that is “only your problem”, like you keep claiming. I did say that you are ignoring people that disagree with you and acting like everyone just agrees with you.

On the topic that you showed on the Oprichnicks there are a lot of people that agreed that a nerf should taken place, and you just ignored all of them and pretended like opposing opinions don’t exist.

And once more, you are taking speculations that you have as a fact.

I can sincerely say that I don’t have any personal evaluation on you.