The unknown map

well nothing xd I made this thread to talk about the weirdest things that have come out on this map

on one occasion they gave me a mayan lancer and a hunter from the house of oldenburg

in another, being Italian could make the only Mexican outlaws

a sacred field rickshaw xd


the artillery tower with the unique improvements of the historical scenario of Italian wars

also on some occasions they gave me a farm cart with 4 llamas, sheep or cows, and also on others a rickshaw from a Chinese town, one from a Swedish cabin and this…


¡Te tocaron cosas tan raras que empezaste a escribir en ingles!. :scream:

Me encantaría que este fuera un mapa real y toda la parte del centro fuera una ciudad que se pueda conquistar.


jajaja, comprendo el ingles un poco y puedo escribir algo pero me da algo de flojera hacerlo xd, y lo del mapa si, se ve bastante bueno para eso, el mapa desconocido es literalmente la expresion “Ramdomly Generated”


I sometimes get the “two men and a deer” unit.

It is kind of fun and refreshing.


This map reminds me something, I think I saw it on esoc a similar map.

Podrías mostrar cual?

haha i am glad you’re enjoying exploring the unknown

i think @ScEv0lution is writing an expose on all its secrets


Unknown is an amazing map with lots of secrets to find. I’m happy it’s getting more popular recently, and I look forward to seeing what people dig up. Hopefully we’ll see more Unknown Showmatches soon?

I have been keeping a close eye on Unknown for a while now, and I’ve catalogued a good deal (but not all) of what it has to offer, but since discovering the secrets is half the fun of Unknown I won’t spoil anything. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer them cryptically :slight_smile:


Hubo un jugador que literalmente encontro vacas de madera y oro y yo aun no las he pillado, siento que eso super random xd yo quiero ver que otras cosas pueden haber en esos mapas


Oh I’d also recommend aging up to more thoroughly explore the map’s secrets, esp if you don’t start with a wagon :wink:


There was once a time where my ally found a “wood cattle” that gave wood instead of food, but unfortunately the game crashed before I could learn anything about it.
There was also a time where every player got Jian Huang along with the usual explorer.
And some occasions where I could create African Treasure Guardians on the tavern/saloon, or create mercenaries on Native Embassies while playing as a Native American civ.


Any hints as to what this house treasure is?
Mystery Treasure Reference on European Unknown Map - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

I have also gotten a cherry orchard that all civs can gather from that also gathers faster than hunts


That’s actually a good suggestion

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I found this map particullary beautiful


Unknown is the best!

I just feel kinda bad for neglecting all other maps lol.

Had a neat one recently where I started with a Maya fort wagon. Had all the Maya stuff available inside it as well.


I love playing on unknown maps, but I feel bad that the desire to be competitive always overcomes me and I end up abusing natives with French / Incas.


lo mejor que e encontrado en un mapa desconocido y no lo e vuelto a ver, es donde cada uno empieza con dos carretas de comandancia, y donde estas te permiten entrenar unidades únicas dependiendo de la civ.
Ej: yo jugaba con Italia y podía entrenar de ellas húsares de la orden y schiavone. y mis aliados podían entrenar cosas diferentes
pd: agreguen devs un envió de dos comandancias de equipo para malta


You can also get the old inca, lakota, Iroquois and aztec natives.

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FYI the minor civ Inca have been renamed “Quechua” and are on several maps. But you’re correct regarding the others.