The unknown map

Unknown must be a competitive map, it had to be said and it was said!


By the way, the Lenapes, from the Canadian historical battle, also appear on Unknown sometimes.


unknown tourney when?


The Trojan Cow

Note: Each cow supports up to 20 units and can produce 500 gold.
Note2: The cows have the name cattle and well cattle (ganado y bien ganado) in Spanish

Treasure guardians as mercenaries.

Note: They improve with each age up


Someone finally noticed that mechanic of the cows.

Those are outlaws fyi


Too bad I can’t continue to unravel the secrets of the map because I can’t post images without being stopped by the censorship system.

I don’t think it’s your fault, but please tell those responsible that I hate the new system. :expressionless:

Thank you for your comment and have a nice day vividlyplain.


I have a theory that there is some pattern that limits the rarities of the unknown map, I don’t know if it is per day, per login or per start of the game, but there is some pattern of behavior of the unknown map.

Obviously this is just an opinion and I may be wrong. :sweat_smile:

Wild speculation about new civs, I sleep

Wild speculation of the unknown map, PLEASE TELL ME MORE!!!


Its Over ¡9000!

It doesn’t seem to have a limit.
Use the cheat to increase speed.


  1. Two commanderies that allow you to create Settler Wagons (Max 20) and Dragons. (Start)
  2. A mining prospecting cart. (Treasure)
  3. A miner named Johnathan who can create an infinite mine and trading posts. (Treasure)
  4. Huari Fortress, when destroyed, leaves a box of 500 gold. (Map building)


A mine of unknown origin.
Note: This mine produces gold per second and no settlers can be assigned to it. (cannot be assigned to Johnathan either)



Note: The units may vary, but since I only used Italy I want to mention that the commanderies gave me garrochista only once and the dragoons may vary, they are not limited to malta.

Huari Fortress

Huari Fortress History

Regardless of whether or not our previous conversation had anything to do with it, please give my thanks to those responsible for correcting the problem with the censorship system.

Thank you and have a nice day vividlyplain. :slightly_smiling_face:


You got all that on one spawn? Wild! Haha

I think the issue with your image being censored was just a fluke. Glad you’re able to post stuff again.


The two main images belong to different maps.

Well, I’m glad the issue was resolved and I can continue to share my discoveries of the unknown map. :smile:

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thats the standard surstromming effect iirc, usually what you want to do is leave in near a torp for effectively a infinite food trickle

Personnellement je trouve juste dommage qu’il y ai pas plusieurs natives warriors différents comme sur le jeu original (genre 4 à 5 campement différents alors que actuellement il y en a maximum 3 la majorité du temps), mais sinon à part ce détail je suis globalement satisfait de cette map et je suis content de la génération aléatoire de la carte.

What is the ultimate native roll for unknown

I once had a map with jageillion(range armour), Tengri(attack speed + speed) and comanche(speed & HP) which was wild to go cav with.


More are possible on the DE version than the legacy version.


More are possible, doesn’t mean a Tlaxcala → Maya Embassy has enough vacant buttons for them :smiley:

Mexican Native Embassy 4 Maya

While there are possibly some issues with stacking the effects of all those techs/cards and having overflow, I just want to clarify one thing.

This isn’t accurate on Unknown. You may ally with as many minor civs as are present.
If you use all the federal state cards you mention in the other post, it can shove the techs off the UI. In this image you can see how many alliances I have made on top of the federal state cards.
However, before you get to this many alliances (which is rare and often requires you to destroy at least one enemy’s firs TC) you can still research all the techs in the bottom row. The techs that are shoved off the UI by additional techs will come back once others have been researched. Unfortunately, once you get past 10 units, the techs are inaccessible. However, as I stated previously, this is quite rare.


I got “max. 5 - same as legacy version”, including the attached screenshot showing an Embassy with 5 allies, from a 2022 Jan report, where the reporter tested it on Unknown. I assume this upper limit has been lifted since then. :smiley:

In whichever case, the linked thread stands as valid reports on issues of Swedish Fort, Mexican Embassy.

be warned, Inca, Aztec, Lakota, and Haude will have their native embassies fill more quickly, because of the big button and then outlaws taking up more space


Devs seem to treat Unknown as a special casual fun map where things can go outside the norm, including getting a little broken.

If that’s their standpoint, the native civs would be fine, since they have more than enough buttons for a normal map’s 3 minor civs. It’s the Mexican Embassy that has a real problem.