The unknown map

I encountered the Maya Castle start again.
Took a screenshot this time.


w8 a minute…prussians?

Its a mod but my post must be 20 chars

A mod with flags

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A mod yes. But not that one. Was testing some stuff in an unreleased one.

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Haven’t been played too often lately, but I checked the game files and I found out that, along with the Wood Cattle, there’s a Gold Cattle and both have unique audios
The wood cattle sounds distorted and the gold cattle makes “falling coin” noises along with usual moos.


The new update has added two more Unknown variants, meaning more opportunities to fill up the embassy!

Automatic extra page UI when? :angel:

I was just reading what the patch note says. I guess Unknown - Survival has no minor civ. Then it’s only Unknown - LOST, 1 more variant with unlimited minors.

You took “variants” to mean “possible map templates in the Unknown XML file”, when I was referring to only the broad map name & concept. A slight miscommunication. :sweat_smile:

Wait, new maps?!

(20 chars)

They are new variants of Eurasian Steppe, Black Forest, and Unknown.

I saw the list after commenting

I would have also liked more South/Mesoamerican and Asian maps

Edit: also I can’t find Forest Nothing, the Unknown variants or the Eurasian Steppe ones, are they not in the game yet or are they just counted together with the original ones?

I did notice a section for special maps which I think wasn’t there before.

Here’s another cool unknown map I just ran into in MP, everyone started with an outpost that had the Maltese natural resource gather rate buff and it stacked with the Wignacourt Constructions card which was very cool playing as the Maltese :joy: The center of the map was also loaded with treasure ships; I think the dutch player nearly died of joy.



i knew the map profile existed but finally seeing it is fun.

you have enough wood to rebuild tho.


Fools gold or not, you can sure spend it as though it was real :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always wanted to find that miner in a real game but someone else always finds him first :sleepy: Did you find two of them?

Every player started with two prebuild mines this time.

The unknown miner is obviously vividlyplain.


played on unknown yesterday. everyone started with a commandpost and had unique civspecific improvements. I’ll just spoiler one from the dutch:
zeeland-regiment; sends 6 ruyters, improves attack of gunpowder cav & inf by +10%. idk if its from a historical battle or only on uknown :slight_smile:

aging to second age did only cost 160food, and you started with surströmming

the map also had aztec allies and the original hakkapelit mercenary