The Wild boar disappears once you villagers have killed it

Send your villagers to hunt a boar. When the boar dies, it just disappears. It’s been happening for months.

Its not a bug if you are playing the Abbasid / Delhi. They are Muslim and can’t eat boar :slight_smile:

This happens to Abbasid and Delhi as they can’t gather from boar. Yet they are allowed to kill it to deny the boar to the opponent. This is intended but yeah, I’d think a corpse and a note that that faction can’t gather from boar would be a cleaner way of conveying this mechanic.

This is not right because they can deny the boar to non-Muslim civilizations

Yea I had no idea that was a feature and been assuming i’ve been getting bugged boars for a while… wtf lol

In practice this is not something we’ve seen. If you start to see it a lot, please do bring it up again.

the game is relatively new, an average player still doesn’t understand the benefit of the boar, please look for other ways for Muslims not to collect the boar without making it disappear, even if it is at the bottom of their priority lists, thanks

Another identical discussion. A boar should not disappear. Islamic civs should be able to kill them if they’re attacking villagers (but not consume their food), but they should not be able to deny the carcass to another civ by having it disappear. There’s also the matter of a carcass blocking a building from being placed. That should also be changed.

@SavageEmpire566 perhaps these two should be merged?

I will upload a YouTube video tonight to show it how it happened with Mali. I can’t show the Chinese one because it happened before the last patch update and can’t replay it.

For the Chinese maybe an abbasid rival shot an arrow to the boars in order to deny them to all of us in the match? If this is truth it is an exploit that can be easily trigger. Just sending a scout and shooting to all boars once and run.

Posted on my discussion but, here you go, see it yourself on the video. Played with Mali civ:

Mali, Ottomans, Delhi and Abbasids cannot harvest from boar.
It is even stated in their tooltip, mind reading those.

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Okay my fault! Ty m8

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Boar regenerates health once out of combat. Being able to deny boar should be possible as it rewards map control, scouting and simultaneously punishes killing a boar without vision and/or map control.

Going around and killing all the boar in order to deny it to other players does cost ressources and therefore should absolutely be possible to do, there are ways to secure the hunt. If you are late to the party, then it’s on you imo

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what an argument is that! and why one could not suppress berries?, meditate further

Technically you could suppress gathering berries, it just isn’t worth it. Since boar is the fastest food source, it is something worth contesting. It’s 2000 food easily sacked.

And again, if you didn’t secure it and your opponent went out of their way to deny it, it’s on you.

I meant Delhi and Abbasid, they have a bonus on berries and the amount of berries increases for them

My statement still holds true.
Besides, we are not discussing balance here, just that this is not a bug.
Open a threat in discussion if you want to hear others opinion on it, everyone will probably view the matter differently.

It happened a few times. When you use a lot of units to kill a boar, he simply dissappear on the ground when he dies and you are not able to gather any food from him, so annoying losing time for 10 villagers for nothing…

To clarify the bug, it happens when you are on a elevated terrain.

Hey @ReyNess! What civ were you seeing this with?

With China.

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