The ZOOM still sucks big time. Epic fail on that aspect, Relic. Shame. This is 2021

I have nothing else to say but the fact that relic didn’t give a rat’s ■■■ about the feedback of the community on zoom topic which was by far the most universally agreed thing that needed the most improvement. I don’t want my face pushed against the ground by crappy and technically-challenged developers not being able to figure this out with all the complaints about it. Amatures! Shame on relic. Shame.


It was and then they added some more zoom. I think some people are satisfied with it now.


Yep, not doing what you wanted clearly means they don’t care and are inept; particularly when you compare your resume of successful games with Relic’s.

I just finished the Normal campaign, haven’t had a problem with the zoom and I’m not the only one.


This is 2021 and the zoom level feels fine.


Zoom is fine in my opinion. If you want extra zoom options you can try a game called War Selection.


Zoom is horrible in my opinion, I feel like we are back at Starcraft 1.


yep, i only played 1 game today

just so dissapointing they wont listen to the feedback


Agreed with OP - lets get this fixed, it’s like we’re playing on constant TABLET mode where everything is 200% larger than it should be, what’s the point of QHD and 4k monitors if it’s going to be like this… looks bad.


the devs are so afraid to admits that the zoom is limited because they are unable to optimize the game.
probably locked because the fps drops so much that their min specs would complain.
Just give us the option for people with good rigs and bigs screens.
I play on 1440p and still looks like a phone game zoom. A town center that is 50% of the screen, and a trebuchet that have more range that my zoom… so lame.


Yeah, I thought that the digital foundry review would have been an eye opener for some around here, how much of a self-made problem the performance is… but the apologist squad was quick on their feet, lol.


Given that people are already misinterpreting it (primarily because consumers don’t really understand multithreading vs. multicore architecture, etc) . . . ah why am I bothering, you’ve already called anybody who disagrees with you “the apologist squad”.

C’mon. Imagine the reaction I’d get if I started going around talking about “the hater squad”. We really need to understand that different opinions are okay (so long as they’re not obviously offensive). It’s starting to feel like you can’t express a positive constructive opinion about the game without being stereotyped or put down in every other thread.


Not sure we talk about the same forum. Thats what people who voice criticism got from day one around here.

These are not “offensive”, but it is still shitposting. Just because it flies under the community guideline radar doesn’t make every dumb remark and relativization a “valid opinion”.


Well to be honest - i doubt that even good rigs will be able to handle a game at bigger zoom out. If you check CPU usage when game is running, actually only 1/2 threads are utilized at 90%+. So i guess making it possible to zoom out more you would just hit bottleneck/fps drop.


I didn’t see it, and I’ve been in a load of threads, arguing with critics. Arguing with you.

Regardless, my point was: names like that are bad. If you disagree, then maybe there is no discussion :confused:

This cuts both ways - it applies to criticism, too.

But can’t you see the problem? You’re calling peoples’ valid opinions “dumb remarks”. You don’t get to say they’re not valid just because you disagree with.

People are allowed to like the current zoom options. People are allowed to want more zoom options. If you want to actually discuss it without calling somebody a fanboy, or a part of the “apology squad”, we can.


Most of them don’t even contain an argument. Nothing to agree or disagree with. Saying “but i like it”, without elaborating further, is not an argument. It has no place in a forum discussion about an issue.

The difference is that one side likes the game and wants to bite their teeth into issues, while the other side purposefully distracts and avoids subject matters by disingenuous shitposts, thinking they do the game a favour.
Thats exactly what we see here… someone is pissed about something… “BuT i LikE It”… “JUst beCAuse yoU donN’T liKE it…”…“EverYBody liKEs it buT yOU” …“It’s 2021, HAHA i cOpiEd pARt of OP’s tiTle…me so sassy”.
Their method makes them the fanboy squad.

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Imo zoom is fine by me, at least in a pvp standpoint. Not really a concern when trying to handle micro and macro.


Zoomers BTFO

did you reed the arguments on your side too, cos they weren’t any different :thinking:

and then the arguments that Relic sucks because 1) they don’t listen to the complaints (which have been much reduced since they did the change) or 2) they somehow don’t know how to change the zoom levels, even tho they have already demonstrated that they can by changing the zoom levels once before

I’m fine with the zoom now, and would much prefer focus on hotkeys and the global queue over zoom


if you are fine with the zoom then why you are here? a change in this matter doesnt bother you. if more zoom out get added you can still play with your zoom level. why keep trashing on people that want more zoom?


I have seen an infinite amount of posts about things that are as simple as “it’s bad” or “I don’t like it”.

These are all opinions. Disliking them just because you disagree with them is no basis for discussion, and it looks like you’re not budging on it.

I wanted to talk about the zoom, but we apparently can’t move past this. All I can say is: there can be valid reasons for the zoom being constrained, and people are free to not like the level of zoom even though there might be valid reasons for it.

Arguments (that have been made in this very thread, that prompted me to reply in the first place) along the lines of “the devs are bad at optimising” are not good arguments. Performance is difficult. If it was something like “graphics”, sure, hammer the developers to give you more graphical options. But zoom affects gameplay. Letting someone zoom out more because they have better hardware literally gives them in an ingame advantage. That is something games have avoided since competitive games first became a thing.

If you want more zoom, and performance is what’s stopping the zoom from being further out, you need to recognise that. If you want to call me a fanboy, or call it an excuse, whatever. I tried.

From this thread.

I definitely believe you now, you’ve changed my mind! :upside_down_face:


I’m here because this is a topic that I have an opinion on. It looks like a similar number of people have opinions on both sides here, and that directly refutes the OP:

this is not universal in any way, and multiple people are saying “it’s fine now, fix other things instead”.

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