This game won't be a hit

It’s not about technical things, it’s about details. Gaia for example is very poor in AOE-4.

There are some people that won’t buy because of the graphics but they are a minority. There are a lot more people who say they like the graphics


You dont see the polls or the opinions in YouTube i see.

Which is why I said they can refine them, lol
Please read the post before responding

You see people say they don’t like graphics or think graphics can be better. But saying the majority of players won’t buy because of graphics is a lie and misleading to people


But not with DLC. The previous games did not need a separate package to look good.

For me it’s about that, we have the same “problem” in AoE4


That is modifiable as far as I know. You have both options on the menu.


Have you looked at the recommended requirements for each game? Because Iron Harvest requires so much more.


No but not that many people want it THAT bad that it deserves a delay

recommended is not required, it is recommended. Iron Harvest minimum isn’t that large but still, AoE4 can be run on toasters just about


It’s a mix of many things, like the building size? first time i heard about it, and i played the beta. About the graphic style, yes it’s controversial, but it’s about tast. During the beta we found a couple of things which wasn’t controversial, it was “big improvement or game will fail”.
That’s why i said, the artistic choice is a matter of tast and there are a wayyyyyyyy more important things to improve.

I think you’re all bored waiting for the game and just want to complain about something.


The idea is to find a harmony between gameplay and art. Not one or the other.

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Very subjective things, the art is good engough to me, the game play… can’t talk about it :smiley:

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It is not subjective. It is a reasonable point of view. In the other games you always stop to take screenshots and enjoy watching it. That does not happen in this game.


It is, sorry and i don’t get the point with your screen shot

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The point is that there is artistic poverty in AOE-4.


Then you haven’t been paying attention

Playing the beta has nothing to do with knowing what the community wants

It is not the art style that people don’t like, it is the level of detail and textures

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Why did you not share screenshots of AoE2 DE or AoM? Or do you just like AoE3?

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