This game won't be a hit

I think a big part of the comunity in very disappointment with this game. Many of you not but… how many fans will be lost in the way?

This game hasnt lisen the comunity and the first problem, graphic section. For many of you this is not a problem but for many others yes. If graphics wouldnt have been necesary betters, but yes more realistic there hadnt had any controversy.

But yes, “we going to make cartoon graphics to atract fornite kids”. We going to make artillery without operators and many buildings ridiculously small (see especially barracks, archeries, stables, houses, some monuments (not all)…)

AoE 4 1.3
AoE4 is going to lose a lot of potential players because of this. Hopefully despite everything it can be somewhat successful, I would hope to have a visually decent AoE sometime.


With the level of passion that people are putting into these “this game will fail” threads, I can only imagine how passionate the people who actually think it might succeed are.

What sticks out to me the most is that people keep saying, “The devs aren’t listening to the community.” If that were the case, why would they host betas with open feedback? Just because they’re not responding, doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention. Something to think about, maybe.


Why, if most of the community wants things, why they dont put them? It only occurs to me that they don’t listen to the community. And everywhere you see people who have lost interest in the game. Why? Because the devs have decided to put an unnecessary controversy through the graphic section.

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Who says it’s most of the community? Vocal minorities exist.


They have listened to feedback, the community just likes to find things to complain about. Do we see gigantic weapons and arrows? No, have the graphics improved (even if it is just slightly) since fan preview? Yes. By the time people started complaining about graphics it was too late to change them without delaying the game. Which makes me believe that they will go for a graphics DLC since the number of people who dislike graphics is huge, definitely a majority. That being said, most players will still play the game but I know a lot of people won’t be happy to have to pay extra to get the graphics they want.


I’ve seen a hand full of people who are extremely beat up by the art style, who also happen to be extremely loud about it. That doesn’t necessarily equate to “most” people or even “many” people.


All the polls I have seen show massive support for correct proportions and operatives for artillery.


If you look at the forums, youtube threads, reddit, steam forums, the majority of people say graphics can be better. The number of people who are vocal for a game delay and that the graphics need to be Total War level IS a minority


As a curiosity I do not ask for total war graphics. I would simply settle for not finding recoils on issues such as proportions or artillery operators with respect to previous installments of the saga.


I will agree that the graphics could be improved. The sky is the limit.

I don’t agree that the art style chosen or graphics of the game will hinder it’s success in any way. If the past few years count for anything, the majority of gamers really don’t care about graphics nearly as much as they do solid gameplay. Which is why we’ve seen games like Valheim and Among Us pop off, and games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders fall apart.


Super annoying thread “the community is not listened”, you are not the community.

Proportionnality in units and building is trash, just imagine the size of your wonder?

Aoe1/aoe2/aoeM/aoe3/SC2 don’t have rigorous proportionnality and that the best for the game. Same for the artillery without operators, its just anecdotic and i hope devs focus their attention on important things (many things i can’t talk about because of NDA but there are many things ^^)


People who have strong opinions on those topics are more likely to vote on those polls. Dissatisfied people are always more vocal than satisfied people on any internet forums. The polls have a selection bias and are not necessarily indicative of reality.


One question, does Starcraft have cartoon graphics for you?


Cyberpunk 2077 was successful on next-gen consoles and PC. The complaints mainly come from past generation consoles.
Among Us was just a fad. Apparently that is intended with AOE-4.

Not for me.

I believe that a game is not only made of how much the visuals please the community, it is much more about gameplay and fun, of course the game could be more detailed but I believe that this will not make people abandon the game. Old games are there to show it (tibia, aoe2 and etc)

Unfortunately I think we will see a lot of visual MODs for this game in the future.


Age of empires 2 is a work of art within the technical possibilities of that time. I improve substantially with the final version.

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We are getting these kinds of threads because they have failed with the marketing for this game, let’s be honest it’s total crap.

But I have high hopes for this game based upon what I saw in the CB so I’m no longer worried.


Bite your tongue.
Let’s hope developers listen to the community and make the necessary adjustments. While there’s life, there’s hope.


No, i am not the comunity my little friend. But i going to should you the comunity.

This post in reddit with masive support to better proportions

And those two polls in this forum:

If you want more could find them. Is easy. And please! Stop yo repeat that "proportions all inacurate in all AoE. If you compare AoE4 proportions only are at the level of AoE1. The rest of the games are not 100% acurate but at least dont hurt your eyes.


AoE2 really is a great game. But with the definitive edition it also brought many gameplay facilities, such as shift to multi-command for villagers, fishing with a villager and delivering in port, among other things that made the game much more pleasant to play. It’s not just the prettiest graphic.

But I agree with you, for me AoE4 could have gone further in terms of graphics, look at this example: