This game won't be a hit

The first is from AOE-1 :rofl:

I know and then you give 3 of AoE3
And I love how you literally ignored the entire point and question of my post

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The 2 is too popular, and AOM has no remastering. But its appearance is similar to the base AOE-3 which still looks good without remastering.

No indeed, and if it was that much important, would have heard about it without paying attention, i didn’t pay attention about “zoom” but i heard a lot about it.

It is, because we get a way more info, watching trailer =/= playing the game. Tbh a lot of peaple talked about how looking better the game is when you play (not my point of view as i realy don’t care about graphics, i care about gameplay, and sometime, detail hurt the game play)

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How does it being too popular have anything to do with whether it looks good or not?

It still looks good yet doesn’t deserve a screenshot, because you only screenshot ones that look good. Then this is a lie

Also, people who stop to take screenshots, that is a tiny minority and they mostly play AoE3

Not really, that has been one of the main things people complain about so again, you either haven’t been paying attention or just choose to ignore the criticism

This is not relevant to my post because only beta users can know what the zoom issue is about while everyone can look at forums and see what the community dislikes

It doesn’t actually, it just changed YOUR opinion, not the communities.

And a lot of people mention how they still think it looks bad

I think gameplay deserves 70% of attention and graphics 30%, because graphics do come into play for the longevity of the game

Iron Harvest game has great graphics. But it has performance problems. The pop cap is very restricted etc. This is the reason I personally defend the simplicity of AoE4 units.

From the other hand, I want to zoom out more, especially in bigger monitors. For example I don’t like the idea of a very zoom in camera much more than this in Iron Harvest.

PS: There are games like Supreme Commander etc where you can zoom out and see all the map with points for units etc. This shows how important is the camera zoom for a game. I play usually Supreme Commander with this view all the time. The importance is the game not to lag and not to have the super graphics.


I meant that everyone already knows how beautiful it is.

Not while playing, because you are concentrating on the battle and managing it. But it is a game that people like to watch.


I am so hyped about this game. Not like you talking about this

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Building size? I doubt sorry

It’s relevent because i don’t payed attention AND i heard about it (because it was big), where i don’t payed attention about size building AND i don’t heard about it until now (and there are not that much people complainaing about it, just a loud minority)

Having more info can change your opinion indeed, that’s why the oppinion of peaple with less knowledge are are not that much relevant, and that’s why some peaple from the beta claimed how bad the show was because it not represent well how the game looks (which is a big probleme)

Anyway i am done with this thread, some peaple are not happy with the building size and it’s just a matter of tast and there are not reason to debat about tast.

As I said, you haven’t been paying attention. Anyone who has even just glanced at the communities requests can clearly see that proportions are one of the main complaints. Doesn’t matter if you think they are fine, I am simply saying what the COMMUNITY says

I will quote my post because you clearly didn’t read it

If you hadn’t heard about it until now, how do you know whether it is a loud minority or a loud majority? Lol and it isn’t a minority, it is a majority. A pretty big majority

I have no idea what you just said, are you translating it?

No sorrow here

matters of taste can cause people to not buy games. Apparently you don’t care if the game died or not


Exactly. We are potential clients. These are not favors they do us.

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so much negative post here…and all about silly things graphics not good enough siege workers, unit pop building sizes, as gamers do you guys not think of lag? or specs of the players computers? If they would upgrade everything you are all whining about, the minimum specs for the computer would be top of the line and no one would buy a game they can’t play because there computer can’t handle it. Also lets talk about lag here with higher graphics, higher unit count, siege workers…remember that age of empires 2 battle lag…yeah I remember my computer sometimes used to crash the game and it was top tier back then.


Exactly, I would prefer a bit more details but the graphics are how they are because they want everyone to be able to play. Remember what happened to AoE 3 specs were too high and many people couldn’t run it


This is always the excuse given when people complain about visuals or zoom or anything really.

Let me ask you this - why doesn’t Relic care about these things with CoH3? Why doesn’t CA care about it with Total War? Blizzard with Starcraft? Blue Byte with Anno? etc. etc. etc.

Just for this one game, you all decide that computers are going to explode unless the developers make it horrible to look at.

This is a PC game. If your computer is at risk of exploding just LOWER THE SETTINGS. There is no reason it should look horrible for everyone.


Sorry, man. I just can’t resonate with the idea that the game “won’t be a hit” just because of a few very vocal individuals who won’t be able to take high quality screenshots of in-game birds or w/e… :thinking:


I do not care whether they upgrade graphics or not, I personally like the current level. I am just saying that most people don’t like it. And adding more detail and improving textures, making buildings bigger, adding more pop, those will not make the minimum specs skyrocket. Look at Total War or Iron Harvest, the minimum specs for those are hardly top of the line

Remember how the game was and still is running on 1 core? Yeah, that tends to cause lag…


Didn’t read the whole discussion, but there is no reason to ridiculing the argument. Nobody’s playstyle is evaluating bird nests and taking screenshots of bison balls :slight_smile: It’s just a tool to show and evaluate the quality of a product. A product that they are asked to buy, with an AAA price tag.

Threads ‘game will flop’, ‘game sucks’ are annoying and mostly made poorly, but
a) these points are not 1:1 with specific discussions about the game
b) game can be a hit or a disaster and evaluation of the quality of game’s content is still a reasonable, interesting and informative and can (and should!) exist no matter what :slight_smile:

I think and hope it will do at least fine, but no matter what I still be be slightly let down by what’s delivered in 4th installment of this legendary series.

I don’t think high expectations here is out of place. It’s AoE. It’s Microsoft.


Another very useful branch that was not similar at all.
We already have three such threads in which the same thing is discussed, and now we have another one, because it is not interesting to discuss everything in one place.

On the topic of the branch -

Most of the community - What is the big part? How big is it? Have you counted all potential buyers and have a percentage of people? If we look at the polls on this forum, then we have a completely opposite picture.

Doesn’t the community listen? Why then was there a beta test? So then the developers are making changes based on the beta test and feedback from the community council?

“For many it is a problem, but for many it is not a problem”, is this a problem for many or not a problem? If this is not a problem for many, then it is not a problem for many.

Is that bad? Let me remind you that all AoE fans in 1997 were children. Children are fond of games who then grow up on these very games. If you don’t like the design of the game, it doesn’t mean that the game is technically bad, I already gave an example with an art gallery. Imagine that we are all walking through the gallery, looking at paintings, paintings in avant-garde or postmodernism hang on the walls, and some people say “I don’t like it, some kind of daub, I want to look at pictures in the style of socialist realism”, now the same is happening most.

And about tools without operators have already been discussed a million times on the forum, there are threads that discuss this in detail, you could join them.
In short, this is part of the design of the game, I think you noticed that the “golden silhouettes” are used in trailers and videos, they are superimposed on the real landscape as if showing “here when these people fought”, and then the same thing, this is something something like a “memory of time”, showing that once upon a time people of antiquity did things important for history, but now they are only “shadows of history.” This is an art style, and it seems to me much more elegant than just animated models of ordinary soldiers, it’s unusual.

I think you understand that this is fixed in just a couple of days, and given that you were not a beta participant, I think you are simply not familiar with the game, since most beta participants changed their minds about the game just by tasted it.

The loss of a part of the community is inevitable when creating a new game in the series. Someone does not like that there are no Turks in the game, someone wants the trees to grow in real time, someone wants graphics like in Call of Duty, and so on, you can enumerate indefinitely. This is normal, I do not remember a single sequel that would completely entice the entire audience from the previous part of the series. On the other hand, the game is not yet ready, and we do not know what kind of changes will be accepted, some of the complaints are simply unrealizable at this stage of development, you just need to accept that someone may not like this, that’s all, you can’t please everyone without exception, some some of the fans (most likely a small part) will give up AoE 4, does this mean that AoE 4 is a bad game? I think no.


Already the average computers can run works of art without problems.

100% subjective, your opinion.