Tools to edit / open / extract .SLD files

Hi Devs, is there a way to extract/opem/edit the new format .SLD files in AOE2DE? Also what are the measures to remedy the non-working of the colour mods? These are important matters which we would appreciate good quality tools for modding. Thanks!

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There are no dev tools to open smx files also.SLX editor is a fan made tool and will in future support sld files as well.

When is “in future”?

@Yorok0 already made a software of his own and converted all of his existing smx to sld graphic format by using the openage github. perhaps he can share with us how he did it.

his mod is the never decay corpse mod.

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The masterpiece is nearly finished, we still have to wait…


Well, I already answered, that I just duplicated and removed frames from existing SLD files, which is much easier to do than encode/decode images to/from SLD.

I am also waiting for Tevious to update SLX Studio, because I want to change some graphics without being hindered by SMX palette restrictions but I have no idea how long is it gonna take him because he has his work and other modding project on higher priorities.

Btw, Spriteblood managed to import unit, tree, etc graphics from SLD files to his Overreign mod, so if you are interested, you can ask him how he did it in his Discord server

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OK Dude, let me walk through cause I had to figure this out last night:

Join the SLX Editor discord. THey have a way to get Steam to give you the old files in content packs. They are BIG, but you’ll get the old files in the X1 and X2 sizes among them.

Then create a local mod folder and dump/copy whatever old files in it you want

Modify THEM, and activate the local mod, which will be the name and seemingly first version name of the folder.

I don’t know what a color mod is but you’ll be able to access the old versions and modify them as you wish.

The color mod is the Spring player colours mod introduced by Microsoft as a reward for the Spring event for AOE2DE which made the player colours look better. This is a key mod which opened up player colour mod possibilities for everyone!

Oh OK…nifty. Did my solution work? Also…I’ve noticed UHD DLC can stop visual mods from working because they are using a different version than standard so you might want to toggle that on or off and see if that helps.

I hope the Devs help the community here and support creators with more tools. Incrediblely grateful for Tevious and Tapsa who created/supported SLX studio and Advanced Genie Editor. Ideally we shouldn’t have to be completely reliant on the community for tools.

Hopefully they look into this and consider investing in some user friendly tools for the community.