Top 3 units need be nerfed serius

You may as well have just said you have no idea what you’re talking about and been done with it, but at least this is funnier


OK, then.

Here you have the team stats in top ranks [players who really know how to play] México situation is even worse, an is one of the least used civs. This only reinforces the fact that this is a skill issue at the lower ranks, where players don’t have as much mastery of units or civilizations.

when your sample size is 32 games, mostly among the same handful of players, you’re not getting meaningful statistics.



233 games and otto clearly needs to be buffed


the survey of that site on team game seem to still sort elo according to 1v1 elo, meanwhile some teamgame player with unranked 1v1 elo put the game in no column; and most obvious is the sum of 2nd to last column do not add up to the 1st.

therefore, it is better to just check the column “all” where 35697 mex game with 50.3% WR.

BTW, it is very clear that 2nd to 4th highest Team Game WR civ are those will Team 3 Vills Card, which is a much clear sign for required nerf

for lakota, well i myself just dont know how it do so well in TG, maybe inf biston do better in TG with teamate reinforce lakota weaker eco in W and C aspect?

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ottomans memes (20 caracteres)

basically, they complain about chinaco´s stats but dont see you have to inverts more hc shipments and upgrades thing that dont always payoff

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You need to invest exactly 1 card.

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Well, to be fair it’s more complicated than that.

It’s the lance upgrade and/or the charged attack upgrade that causes them to become a serious issue.

You have a lot of cards available but the key four are Cav Combat, the lance up, the charged attack up, and Liberation March.

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Caballeros and area dmg are the things making them broken, CC is more stats so always good but they’d still be conceptionally broken without it


I think the problem with chinaco is that the unit becomes unmanageable when using the cards of knights and presidial lancers (especially this one). Although it is very likely that in most 1v1 games they will never be used or are not even part of the Mexican decks, the problem arises when the game mode allows them to be used. Additionally, the nerf should be on these two cards, which from what you are arguing would not affect 1v1 games.

Yes, that happens usually at 30+ min.

At that stage of game there are a ton of strong units from all civ, and even with the 5 cards Charro needs to be “OP” they are no match vs dragoon. Nerfing Mexico cav would destroy the unit, it has not stopped recieving nerfs since DLC launch.

But Mexico is a non stop of OP things in a single civ

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Of course yes, Mexico Ethiopia and the Haudenosaunee are those civilizations that received so many things that make them broken in the treaty, that sometimes I say what were they thinking and why have they not been nerfed, and others like Italy that are on the completely opposite sid

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cant say thing above treaty.
but for sup and especially Team game we are talking about now:

alway remember that you are not here to win over a single unit, you are here to win a game.


have you seen mexican revo FI?

You can easily get the +infantry damage card and that will make chinacos wipe out its direct counters in a FI rush.

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It’s easily doable at about 10min lol, not really in 1v1 since there it’s stronger to just get unit shipments but in teams you can abuse it without a problem

Do you have evidence please?

Everyone is always complaining but no one ever uploads evidence [record game or video] because it would expose what is actually being done wrong.

FI kicks in at 8-9min and you need to send two cards while making units, what about this is so hard that you need a rec to prove it?

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