Towers and keeps not firing

Hi, I do only play single player and this happens every single game. If the towers , wall and free standing or keeps take damage and or are repaired they stop firing, if one of the devs just play a single player game with the version they sold all of us they will see for themselves. It’s not hard to see this bug. I could report it every time I play.

I’d love to hear some additional details @SonorousEel974.

  • Are you playing Campaign or Skirmish?
  • Do you see this with one particular civ? If so, which one? If not, do you notice if it happens more with one than others?
  • Does it tend to happen in early-game or late-game?
  • Does it only ever happen after being repaired?
  • Does the amount of towers built seem to have any correlation with how often it happens?
  • Does the amount of garrisoned units seem to change frequency? Or prevent it from happening? Or cause it to happen?


The skirmish mode is when it happens most I don’t play multi player, as for the campaign I do not recall it happening. It happens with all civs. It happens during all stages of the game. I know it happens after towers wall and free standing along with keeps take damage I do not repair them but the ai will and they stop firing. I don’t know if the number of towers has any effect but I do play with 3 ally ai’s and 4 enemy ai’s so there are a lot of defenses as I try to protect my allies. I never garrison troops because I use the towers and walls and keeps for defense to free up troops for offensive operations which is why this bug annoys me. I play with 3 intermediate ai’s against 4 hard ai’s so there are huge numbers of troops and defenses built around the map and the game last for a few hours. Thank You.

Thanks @SonorousEel974! Appreciate the extra information. We’re definitely aware this is going on but have thus far had a hard time finding a reliable repro. We’ll keep on it though…the extra information is helpful.

Just wanted to add for info seekers that this is still happening.

For the team, I’d like to add that individual modes of attack can be disabled individually by this bug.

For example, I just got out of a game where a tower lost the ability to fire garrison arrows early on, but could still fire cannonballs (until later on, when that also bugged out).

In the same game, I had a keep that lost the cannon but could still fire arrows and springald.

Thank you for bringing this back up @taxicrab! We have tracked down why this is likely happening in both campaign and MP. The team is working on a fix that probably won’t land in the next update but is definitely in the works.

My towers also stopped fire cannons and made me lose the battle. It’s game breaking.

I have seen that if I don’t click on the keep and I don’t use it to retarget enemies, I can avoid this bug for good (or at least for longer). Try that while a patch fixes it. Avoid using the keep to retarget units, build towers around it to deal with high value targets and let the keep do its thing.

I think it’s completly random and make not really a difference if you let do the keep it’s thing or not.
I think that emplacements stop firing when a target is not any more reachable for example because of the target dies after the emplacement scanned the target and before emplacement fires.
I alwasy let outpost, wooden fortress, keeps …do it’s thing, but if the defensive buildings stands near together, some of the weapons stops shooting, because of loosing their target and hanging in a loop or throw an error or something like that. It’s a huge and tricky bug which must be fixed soon.
Relic want fix it in the update after next. I realy hope we talk about some days and not month after the next update =/

This problem is still unsolved. Special attention is paid to the frequent ceasefires in the mod modified keep. I don’t think this kind of repair is very difficult. I request that it be included in the repair priority as soon as possible