[TRACKING] 36202: Disconnect within 5 Minutes of joining a Match

Hi. Would it make a change if I use a free VPN like Hamachi or a paid VPN like Nord or any else?

free vpn for me didnt work for some reason, only paid one did it. i bought 1 month of nord vpn to test this fix and it works. sadly i cant and wont pay 12$ each month to play this broken game.


Paid VPN worked! Used ExpresVPN here in Argentina. I won´t pay $13 for a month either… I keep waiting for the devs to solve the issue.

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I’m also having the same issue in both my computers. However, in one it always disconnects after 5 min and the other a little bit more (from 10 to 30 min). Waiting for devs solution

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Same problem.

Game disconnects with 5 or 10 minutes of games.


How can this still be a thing? I only get disconnected every fifth game or so. And no it is not my hardware struggeling with AOEII:DE, I can play 4v4 Deathmatch no problem, but in a 3v3 normal match in minute 8 there is not that much going on, but thats the point in time we get the random, out of nowhere disconnect. The other 5 players now have to quit as well, or play an unbalanced game? So maybe you start thinking about fixing it, because this does not only affect those who complain, but also all player that are in a lobby with us.

Also funny thing to open a new thread for this issue, so for new people it looks like this is a new problem, while it is now already as old as the game on its own.

So you guys need information about my configuration, no other game has a problem with?
ISP: Deutsche Telekom AG
Region: Germany
Router: Speedport W 724V Typ B

I payed for a game that seems to be still in Beta…
Look at the Lobby browser (joining an already full game leads to “Unknown error” (why are they even shown??), more open lobbys on aoe2.net than in the in game browser??) or the profanity filter (much better when logging out of xbox) and most of all this issue, that is known for multiple months now.

What a shame…


I have a friend that uses a paid VPN and it is not working. Do you know if the paid VPN is really a solution or just a solution for your configuration?

NordVPN works for me but with servers so far away from my country, it’s laggy as H…

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Question for the devs: When the matchmaking starts or at least when you find a match, it opens up ports 27113 - 27115. I portforwarded those ports and had success, meaning I can play 1 game after opening DE but after that game I get the 5 min disconnection issue again so I have to re-open the game to be able to play again. I guess the question is, do you guys have a dedicated server for the matchmaking? That way I can use that IP for the port forward or how does it work? It would seem like after 1 successful game, it tries to connect to a new server and it is where the problem begins.

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I do not. Does he keep getting the exact same problem or has it changed in any way? What I can tell you is I have tried most of the other possible user fixes, except changing the router (because we are in strict lockdown here) and changing the TCP session timeout setting, and they haven´t worked for me. I am convinced by now that a universal user fix will not be found, as this is a game code problem. It´s like someone said before: the game is still in Beta phase.
I hope the devs solve this asap so we can all enjoy this wonderful game.


He keeps getting the same problem and he is a top dev in Brazil (on a top business firm). He told me that VPN won’t work as adressing a root cause, but might work for a while depending on individual circunstances.

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Which country do you choose for your VPN when the game is working?

Argentina. I am from Argentina too. I tried Brasil and the game would tell me it wasn’t able to connect with Steam.

I’m from Russia. My brother has a similar problem. Tell me, the developers gave some official comments on this issue. Are they going to solve the problem?

Hi all,
I’ve had the exact same issue since the release in November… Until yesterday, I had the idea to try with a VPN (NordVPN, to be precise), and IT WORKED !! But just for a day… I managed to play like 10 games yesterday with no issue, but for some reason, today, whenever I try to connect with the VPN activated, the game says “unable to connect to Steam”. And when I disactivate the VPN, it’s just like before, disconnecting after 5 minutes. So frustrating !

You guys have any idea why the VPN doesn’t work anymore ? Do you know if it has to do with which country/type of VPN I pick ?

Thanks !

Try closing and reopening steam while on a VPN? I’ve actually had a lot of issues today after thinking that it was fixed with about a week of no disconnections.

The same happened to me, It worked yesterdaty with proton VPN.

Today I cannot connect to the servers…

I am from Ireland and I was using VPN connection from Ireland, by the way, it didnt work with other countries either.

Tried to change MTU, tried port forwarding and the issue continues.

Always disconnected after 5-10 minutes of multiplayer game.

This is a shame.

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To fix, I bought another router, it can be a simple router.
So, on your modem from your ISP you must change to mode BRIDGE, so your new router can manager connections.

After this I didn`t have any disconnection, since december. It was more than 200 games without disconnected.

Of course, this is not a definitive solution. The devs must fix this in the server game or code from the game. But buy a new router is better than the original modem from ISP.