Trouble with fire and smoke effects

Hi !
I’m currently making a mod and a HUGE map for AoE II DE.

I started the map several months ago and just now i realised that every fire and smoke effects i placed in the editor didint appear in game ! :open_mouth:

How can i possibly make a proper AoE II map without Fire and Smoke !!! :smiling_imp:

Can someone help me with this bug ? Is there a maximum number of Gaïa units wich would make fire turn invisible if too much objects at same time ? If i start an other scenario or reload a previous version of the map, fire still works… (but obviously that version was months ago so i’m not particularly happy about starting over).

Thanks in advance for your help, its very appreciated !

:scream: Plz save my map ! :scream:

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Are you certain that the fire and smoke effects are still placed on your map? I have experienced a bug recently where waterfalls disappear, but I haven’t quite yet figured out exactly what is causing it. I suspect it may have to do with changing elevation, but I have not been able to directly replicate it yet. My recommendation at this time would be to place Gaia effect objects last. If I determine the cause of this bug, I will be sure to report it to the devs.

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Yes, thanks for your answer !

Indeed, they are all visible in the editor but not anymore ingame… !

I tried on different maps, with many other objects or without, with water or no water… only on this map I made they aren’t visible… :frowning:

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Very interesting… I haven’t seen this one yet. I wouldn’t imagine there is a limit on Gaia objects, but it’s certainly something I can test for.

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I found something interesting : it seems that when i erase every fire or smoke effect, and then replace them, they reappear ! But the problem isn’t solved though, for after i replaced them all, they vanished again…

I’m currently trying to figure which one is the problem / how much we can put on a single map.

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There was a flame bug in this patch, maybe it is related to that?


Thanks for the hint, its very interesting and yes, maybe its related to that.

I also found that the flamme_3 seems related to the limit of other flammes(_1,_2,_4). When i could run 100 flammes_4, adding some flammes_3 limited the amount visible ingame.

I’m not quite sure about the relation between those two, but i’ll make further tests.

Thank you all for the support !

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Oh ! I found something. My first theory was inaccurate :

I can actually place any flame effect, but only 130 times before it starts vanishing !
So there is a hard cap on how many we can put on a single map… :unamused:

I’m not a big fan of that but i guess its for performance issues… :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


@StepS7578 Limit of amount of flame effects in map should be removed. Players can customize this for themselves with “Particles” graphics option anyway?

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I totally agree.
This is extremely annoying, for it was very important in the map i was working on :confused:

I will try reporting it as a bug, we’ll see if it can be removed or tweaked, or at least have more concrete informations on the limits of animated objects a map can handle.

Thank you all for your help !

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