I’ve been ####### around trying to figure out how to make a custom unit.
I found the icons in the widget folder, tried changing a blank one ‘349’ but no dice.

Does anyone know how to do this or know of a tutorial I can follow please?

You need to edit materials.json (to assign icon location to a material ID) and icons.json (to assign material ID to a icon ID)

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Awesome. Thanks for replying and your help.

I finally figured out the atlas files ‘ingameunits.dds’ need to be edited to add an icon. But it doesn’t seem to want to use the alternative I have in my mod folder structure. Only worked when I edited the base game’s ‘ingameunits.dds’ file. Is there a way to get Aoe2DE to use the mods version?

No there is no way, the devs have forgotten to add mod folder support for few files, its upto them to fix this.

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Wow, that sucks. Thank you for your reply! Will just have to do it the hard way.