Units are able to attack and inflict damage behind walls

Build: 38862
Platform: Steam
OS: Windows 10

Issue: Hand-to-hand units are able to attack and damage enemies completely surrounded by walls.


  • ChariotAttackingThroughWallSE
  • ChariotAttackingThroughWall
  • bugbugbug

By assumption, there seems to be a pattern. All long-ranged melee units may be affected:

  • Chariot → Scythe Chariot
  • Hoplite → Phalanx → Centurion
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Keep the good work, friend! You should create a topic with links to all the bugs you have found and may find the future!


But as a compensation the villagers can repair through the wall ^^

Do you have footage on this!? If so, can you please share it here? :thinking:

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This bug is still present in build 46777. A chariot and a cavalry started inflicting damage to a tower behind a stone wall!

I also discovered it is actually possible to reproduce the issue. Simply command a melee unit to attack a tower that’s surrounded by walls.